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  1. Hello,

    I'm new to the ebay business and have just listed my fourth item, I have been listing one at a time. I listed an item today and so far I have gotten four emails asking me to end the bid and take their offers. I cannot do the best offer thing or buy now because I am a new seller. How do I go about this, and is it wise to do so? Will I still be protected through paypal or ebay? Thanks in advance.
  2. i think id just tell them to bid on the listing instead...it's not really that safe, in my opinion, doing business with outside offers. pretend stupidity and tell them you dont know how to handle outside offers and you're trying to build your ebay status.
  3. Thank you for the quick response. I said this to the first two offers but the last two offers are really good ad I checked their feedback and its great. I don't want to end up regretting it if I do not take the offer, but I need to know the pros and cons of it I guess. If anyone else has any input I would greatly appreciate it since I have to get back to these people no later than 10:00pm eastern time
  4. Why by 10pm?Does the offer expire? I had no idea that you couldn't offer it a BIN if you're a new seller. You could end the auctiion and send her an invoice through payapl.
  5. well after i responded, i thought of feedback and stuff. make sure their feedback as a buyer is great, no negatives or anything. if you do go with the offers, i'd say you should ask them to send payment through paypal/money order. money order would probably be your best bet as they cant do a chargeback or start a dispute.
  6. btw, what are you selling? (the item, not the link). depending on what it is, you might have a good chance of it getting a good price on ebay. since you just started the auction today (right?), theres still time for others to find it and be interested.
  7. You can end an auction and sell to the highest bidder, still an ebay transaction. If bidding is going well and you are getting that much interest, your item is obviously hot, let it ride out, you should do well.
  8. OK I'm really concerned that this might be a scam. I posted my old computer for 125 I was hoping to get about $200 -$300 for it, but I keep getting offers like $1500-$2000. They all want to pay through paypal and have the computer shipped overseas. Should I do it?
  9. ^^ Run the F--- away!!!!

    Do not accept. These are scams.
  10. Sounds like scams to me also! I would block them from bidding.
  11. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! that happened to me and it turned out to be a stolen credit card used through paypal (or stolen paypal account) and i was out 2 grand, plus the laptop which was worth 1500.
  12. I would be very leary. About 6 months ago, someone hacked my eBay account and was trying to place these outside type of bids for items.
    I had only purchased a few things on eBay in the past. I happened to login one day and my account was locked up. I wasn't able to do an online password reset. I contacted eBay and found out what had happened. They did reset my account, but I won't use it. Too bad since there are a lot of beautiful bags out there.