Outside my comfort zone.....should I keep it??

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  1. Fell off TPF for quite some time and now ready to share my first purchase in a while. An early push present to myself. But not sure about the Town, I'm more of a City girl. And red is way outside my normally neutral/subdued comfort zone. And I've never done giant hardware and I'm learning all the new hardware acronyms this week. G12?? Last time I bought a bbag there was one choice, haha! Only thing that pushed me over the edge was the stunning leather on this one. Just like the old days. Keep or try another style/color?

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  2. It is BEYOND gorgeous! I would totally keep it. The hardware is stunning against the color. My only thing is the Town is really too small for me personally, but if the size works for you, definitely keep because it is beautiful!
  3. This is a keeper. Saw the other day a lady carrying it, it was gorgeous. Red is nice for a small bag like town or first.
  4. That is such an amazing color, so gorgeous. I usually tend to stick to neutral colors, but this red may sway me to try it! I vote keep it. :smile:
  5. Wow - that leather does indeed look amazing! I love red and I love the size of the Town (except the strap is too long for me, unless it is shortened a little on the newer bags?)
    Keep it - she's beautiful!
  6. Definitely keep it! Rock colorful Bals!!!

    Hahaha in my book Red and Purples are neutrals. :smile:
    I mostly have neutrals in my closet as well, but I'll make a exception for such a beautiful piece.
  7. keep it
  8. It's hard to tell in that photo, but, if it's gold hardware, my mother purchased the same bag about a month ago! :smile:

    Congrats on yours :biggrin:
  9. i personally am not a fan of the town style

    that said, i love that colour with silver hw
  10. That's a tough one!! The color and leather is beyond gorgeous!! If the Town is not for you maybe get the City in this color??

  11. The city in those colors would be so perfect! :smile:
  12. Agree - red and purple are perfect neutrals!
    OP - that is a beautiful bag.
  13. Definitely keep. The town will surprise you with how much it holds and the color is too good to give up, especially if the leather is amazing.
  14. If its out of your comfort zone, you might never use it. If you think it might happen, you should put your money to something you'll use more. Don't worry, there'll be other bal bags with great leather.
  15. Its gorgeous!!!!!!!!! :nuts: