Outremer Availability in a couple months?


Sep 4, 2008
I really want a bag in Outremer, but I've made so many purchases recently I will have to save up and won't be able to buy it until probably this summer- May/June. I know I could probably find it on auction sites then if I stalked them but I prefer to buy my bags new from retailers. However I noticed that it is no longer available on Bal's website now so I am worried that it is already selling out everywhere. Please let me know what you think... (if it will be too hard to find later on, I might just do something risky- sell my Tempete city to fund it because I can't get Outremer out of my head!) So my question is: I know that Outremer is so popular, so will it still be around in a couple months anywhere, or become impossible to find?? :wondering


Four more to go...
Jun 20, 2009
Nor. Cal
Hmmm... I agree with Dreachick2384... Once its gone... its gone. Balenciaga bags, imo, are "somewhat" difficult to track down. But good luck though. Fyi, Nordstroms in Sacramento has an Outremer City and Work available.


I think it might be hard to find... especially if you have a certain hardware/style that is popular. I wanted a GSH Day but couldn't find it easily so settled for the RH recently from MOA. If you're flexible with style, etc, then maybe you can find something later.