1. oh that is so sad! Personally, my eyes aren't trained to know the difference, but great catch HM! I doubt they'll pull it this late into the auction though...
  2. thats horrible!
  3. not the Buyer's fault, not everyone assumes there's even a market for fakes.
    It's ALWAYS the thief's fault!
  4. I won't buy a high ticket item without making my own research about the item I'm buying.. That's very silly.
  5. Someone with authentication experience should let the buyer know, explaining reasons why it's fake. I feel really bad for them, that could've been me if i didn't find this blog
  6. too bad it ended without being pulled :oh:
  7. This is shocking it is so tempting to inform the buyer buy you can lose your eBay account for this you cannot rely on the buyer not to give your name to the seller who will report you to eBay for auction interference. Why oh why do buyers not make sure of what they are buying I am so sad for that buyer, shocking price to pay for a fake! Of course eBay are at fault they will just not take reports of fakes seriously! the seller should still be reported!