1. Just thought I'd share the event I just witnessed at my Saks Chanel about 2 hours ago. I was returning my CC holder for the camelia wallet when a woman and daughter were browsing, the woman had a very large rock flap messenger type bag on and the little girl pointed up to the smaller version and said "mommy it's just like yours, it's so pretty." The mother bought the bag, ripped off the tag, THREW away the authenticity card and booklet, and gave it to the little girl to wear immediately. She didn't even want the box or the dustbag. The SA that I was dealing with asked her how old she was, she said "seven." The SA and I just kind of stared at each other and said nothing. Granted this is a very wealthy community but I don't even know what to think about this....any opinions out there?
  2. Just because the lady has money doesn't mean she has brains.
  3. Was this at Saks in BH? I am there all the time and even though I have never seen this really happen before, growing up in BH I am not the least bit surprised. If this was in fact there. But I am more angry that they threw away the authenticity card and didn't want the dustbag haha.

    Seriously though, a young girl at 7 years old should not be carrying a Chanel bag. It's disgusting actually. I remember when I was a kid, a friend of mine had a tiny LV bag that her mother bought her. In fact we were around 7 years old come to think of it. Anyway I begged my mom for one and she said absolutely no way and I am glad she did. Some things just are not appropiate for children. They have their whole adult lives for goods like that.
  4. anyone know the retail of the small rock flap anyway?
  5. Oh and it was in boca raton, Fl.
  6. Are you talking about the vinyl bag? It's $1195 for the small one.
  7. ^yes. :yes: thanks star.
  8. I think that is out & out crazy! There is NO 7 year old that needs a Chanel bag. How is that child ever supposed to learn the value of anything. JMO though.
  9. yup, i guessed Boca before it was verified by Sheanabelle...as i grew up in BH,Calif and have lived in Boca for the past 18 years, i must say that BH is more down to earth than Boca ever was or will be. The sense of entitlement parents impart to their kids in this town (Boca), is truly nauseating....i can think of no better word to describe it.
    If DH's business could be done in So. Calif. as successfully as it is here, we would be back in Calif. in a heartbeat................
  10. I suppose the mom will just throw the bag away when her child gets chicken mcnugget sauce all over it. :tdown:
  11. If that was here in California esp. Beverly Hills - it does not surprise me - but I do think it is foolish waste of money.:rolleyes:
  12. That’s pretty crazy. IMHO, no seven year old should every carry a Chanel bag… and the mother purchasing it, with such disregard for the item itself, is probably going to screw her kid over in the future. Millionaire or not, a seven year old shouldn’t be sporting a Chanel or any very expensive designer bag, my rationale being the following: if you give a seven year old a Chanel, by the time she is 16, she’ll probably expect a Maybach haha (assuming that same level of extravagance is being maintained)… and unless you are prepared to maintain those standards forever, good luck. JMHO of course.
  13. crazy- although it is HER money... crazy
    madonna's daughter- carries similar bags i read somewhere
  14. OMG.... IMHO, there are just certain things that you shouldn't just give to your kids, especially at that young age, no matter how wealthy the parents are. A kid needs to understand the value of money and appreciate what is given to them. By just giving a bag just like that to a kid, ripping the tag off and passing it to a kid, IMHO, what can a kid learn from their parents? Gosh, that is just wrong...
  15. Alittle crazy. Seriously. My six year old niece carries a burberry backpack that I gave her along with some other smaller designer bags-but the catch is that they are handed down to her-and she knows that the bags my sister and I carry are expensive are for "Adults only". Its not about having money and being able to just buy whatever-its about the value of what it is. This woman apparently has no value for money or teaching her child about it.