outrageous shipping fees

  1. so I'm looking at this bag that is listed (by a tpf member) and the auction states First Class Mail for shipping (which you can only send up to 13 oz by FCM, and this bag is heavier than 13 oz) and the shipping cost is $20!

    I'm not going to complain to the seller, obviously if I don't like the shipping cost, I won't bid.

    Just had to rant - wth?? $20 for shipping? First Class Mail? Even if you COULD send it FCM, that is one of the cheapest methods - certainly not $20!!

    Sheesh ~ :tdown:
  2. well, if it is over 13 oz, first class becomes priority so maybe she meant to put priority. why not ask for clarification?
  3. What kind of bag is it?
  4. Is seller within USA? I know from UK shipping would be much more than 20 on most bags
  5. well, I'm not trying to out anyone, so I don't want to put too many details... just that it's a larger bag that would probably be about 2 lbs boxed. And it's not just that one... I've seen lots of bags with shipping at $20 or even more... and since I am also a seller, I know how much shipping is. I'm even willing to pay a little more for the time and gas it takes to get the supplies and send it off, etc... but sometimes I guess it gets to me. I mean, why not just raise your bid price or starting price if you need to make add'l $? Why jack up the shipping cost so high that it just seems clearly unreasonable?

    I guess it also bothers me that I see several bags listed with $XXX retail cost in the description and if you go to the designer's website and look it up, it's not that much. It's just irritating.

    I guess the bottom line is if I don't like it, don't bid.... just had to get it off my chest, I guess.
  6. the ones I've been looking at are US sellers... shipping to the US...
  7. Oh right I don't know anything about internal USA shipping costs other than they are a lot less than ours in UK
  8. I agree. There are some bags that they are asking $35-50 for shipping! I think most buyers would rather pay less and have it shipped priority. I am a seller as well and know how much it costs to ship. I ship everything priority and even when I shipped a satalite dish to the east coast it was only a little over $20!
  9. Does the shipping include insurance? Depending on the bag, insurance can bump a $8.95 priority flat rate package up to $20 pretty easily.
  10. ^Ditto LP's comment.
  11. This drives me crazy too. Especially when they are talking about a used item, because not only is the new selling price they are quoting way off, we're not talking about a new item so it's not comparable! But it's like 'low-cost' airlines or most other 'discount' deals - people just assume they must be getting a better deal than going through the normal retailers and don't even bother checking.
  12. this particular bag isn't going to require $11 to cover the insurance. At most, it would be an add'l $2.50....
  13. I always lose money because I underestimate shipping fees. People can charge what they want. As you said, if you don't like it, don't bid.
  14. If it has to go in an oversized box, & is being shipped PM, if it is going more than a few zones away, the Postal Rate kicks it up to 11 lbs if the box is larger than 12x12x12.
  15. $20 sounds really reasonalbe to me. After paying for signature confirmation, insurance, postage ect. it really adds up.