Outnet Codes?

  1. Does anyone know of any Outnet.com codes? Do they even have promotional codes? There's a bag that I really want to purchase. Thanks!
  2. does anyone know of codes for free shipping? thanks!
  3. im looking for some right now
  4. Does anyone have any? I want to place an order right now and it'd be nice if I could save some money :p.
  5. FreeShipBday

    It goes till may19
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    does anyone know if this is an international code?

    they sent it to me too, but i have previously had my orders shipped to the states.

    obviously, i would still be responsible for customs fees.

    edit: it does work on international orders, but only allows me to ship UPS which is notoriously high with broker fees.
  7. I just used the code .. thanks!!!
    and yes, it is an international code.. worked for my order to canada!!
  8. ^ I live in Canada too....I was going to order a BV bag, but the fee (duty, etc) was over 300.00.:cursing:
  9. wow..nice
  10. cool. wish i knew about it when i ordered last time. oh well.
  11. ^^^
    maybe email them and they'll credit you back?

    this code was sent on 04/19 though, so you'd have to make sure the purchase was made on or after that.
  12. oh ok... guess i missed it by a few days.. I ordered on 4/15 DARN IT. lol.. it's ok maybe there will be some great things coming up (i have a credit from them to use up)
  13. Thanks! I used the code today and saved my shipping costs!
  14. Does anyone have a shipping code or promo code for The Outnet? It would be much appreciated. TIA!
  15. Does The Outnet have promo codes? Does anyone have any they'd be willing to share? I was hoping to buy a pair of shoes over there! Free shipping or anything would help out.