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  1. I was just wondering if anybody knew where where a chanel outlet is in florida(in or close to orlando).. or where I could find out where one was?

    thank you
  2. I think there is only one Chanel outlet and it is located in NY at the Woodbury Commons outlet. To my knowledge, that's the only Chanel outlet.
  3. I was thinking of heading up to Woodbury Commons and the Chanel outlet today or tomorrow. Has anyone been there? What's the merchandise like? How are the prices?
  4. I have never bought anything at the outlet. It's really hit or miss. I was there last Sunday and didn't see anything that I really liked. They have a color chart that tells you the percentage off the ticketed price. They mainly have clothes, but did have some shoes and a few purses and have quite a few accessories, jewelyr, necklaces, etc. I don't go that often, but I know a few people have scored some things there.