1. I have called all three outlets and spoken to someone regarding pictures of handbags they have and stock and i was told someone would email me. I never received anything. On the Outlets sticky someone posted an email address for the Cabazon outlet and i emailed them, again no response.

    Has anyone had the same problem? Anyone have any advice on how i can get help?

  2. Yup, they're usually busy and they say it takes a long time to do everything. I've gotten one email, but she only selected a few to show me, not all the stock - which I wanted to see b/c how can you pick something when you only see 2 pieces? :sad:
  3. yea. thats what the SA at the cabazon outlet did to me. she said "sure ill email you by the latest within 3 hours" yet i haven't received anything and its been over a week. I'd rather they just tell me they can't than make me wait.