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  1. Does anyone know what types of bags the outlets are carrying now? I am headed to the carlsbad, ca one next week and just curious.. I haven't been there in about a year. THe suspense is killing me!!! :wtf:
  2. I think the Alto and the Large quilt may be selling at outlets. I'm going by what I see appearing most on ebay which is a good indicator.
  3. ohh great, thanks!!!
  4. cabazon has the madras print, the huge DB logo. CAn't remember what else!
  5. Oooh, I'm jealous. Maybe they'll have some AWL domed satchels. I want one of those.
    Let us know what you find!
  6. does anywho know if there is a D&B in Michigan or in a closer state
  7. ohhh a dooney outlet....i'd love to go to one! i have never been to one before, or have even heard of them
  8. there's one in San Marcos, Texas & Williamsburg, Virginia. sorry!
  9. Go through the posts - search for outlet or even just my ID in Dooney Threads. I took a photo of the outlet card with all the locations on it. I am at work now so I don't have time to find it.
  10. i popped into the Dooney outlet in Destin, FL 2 weeks ago and they had:
    Doodle bags
    IT in bubblegum, light blue, white and i think black
    that's all i can remember. the promotion wasn't that good at the time, buy one get one 1/2 off, so i wasn't in there very long. in the past they have had some GREAT sales. I bought a suede duffle for about $110 and a suede (either med or lg?) East/West for about $117 - sorry i don't remember the prices better, it was back in March. also got a little raspberry IT bucket bag for $52!!!
    It seems the outlet is hit or miss as far as their "sales". Also, I can't seem to find a good sale on wallets lately. Last year I scored an orchid nile wallet for about $70.
  11. same, I haven't been to one in over a year now.