1. I was wondering, do you think they would have a Signature Demi Pouch at a Coach Outlet? Because I really want one and this is probably the only way I could get one. Also, how much do you think it would be?
  2. i'm going to the outlet tomorrow so i'll tell u. they might have it, but just in weird colors or not very popular colors. who knows! they're usually like 30% off retail price.
  3. It depends on if the outlet carries signature. Some do and some don't. When I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, they had some for $99 and 20% off. I don't remember colors though.
  4. You should see the way it is at the Coach outlet here in Vegas! I have only been to it once and it is pure chaos! I can understand though because they have really good deals on the items and nothing from what I saw looked used or damaged or anything it was like shopping in the regular priced Coach stores but the prices were more than 20-50% off!
  5. The outlet in Vegas sounds great! I was in the outlet near where I live last Sat. I could not find anything appealing to me :sad: and the price is usually just $10-$30 less, absolutely no match with the 20-50% off you gals have over there!

    I was always wondering that if someone get coach in outlet and sell them on ebay, how can they even break even? You probably can get a coach at a price even lower than outlet......
  6. Call the outlet first.

    I do that regularly, and they are happy to tell you if they have a particular color or style.
  7. I need to go to Vegas!
  8. The outlets here in the midAtlantic almost never have anything signature; if there is anything, it's something small, like a phone case or a pencil bag. Good luck finding your item!
  9. You should call the outlets (if you have time) and ask them to check their computers. Sometimes they can tell you what inventory is in what outlet. Good luck!
  10. I was at the Coach outlet today and I saw it in the dark brown and black for sure, but didn't notice if they had it in any other colors. I didn't check the price either sorry! However, I'll prob be back next weekend and will check if ya still need it.
  11. does anyone know if the dot line is still available at the outlets? Last time I went was in February & they had it then. I thought the wristlet was so cute, I should have got it.
  12. I saw some dot line stuff at the outlet yesterday. cute!
  13. Thanks I'll have to go this weekend & see what they have.
  14. so i went to the coach outlet in ny today. no signatures =X
  15. You can call ahead and ask if they have a lone or if you have the item #, give it to them. They will let you know. My BF actually did this and had the SA hold it for him as he jumped into the car and sped away towards it.