1. The lesportsac website doesn't have a complete list of locations at this time. Are there any outlets in Northern CA?
  2. All of their stores and their outlets are listed on their site ... there are only 3 outlet stores. They're updating their retail store listing for the past 6 weeks! :wtf:
  3. Oh, I see. Thanks. For some reason I thought maybe there were more outlet stores.
  4. they don't list the hawaii one... isn't that an outlet? (then again i could be mistaken) but i'm pretty sure those are the only outlets they have
  5. They've listed all their main store locations and outlets and they're supposedly updating their retail store list which includes all the department stores and the like...I wish there were more outlet stores...especially one in CA...that would be sweet...but no such luck!! :sad:
  6. Ooh, yeah, I'm sorry, you're right...there is one in Hawaii!! SORRY!! But I think that's the only one that's not listed on the site :shrugs:
  7. I know what you mean... i forgot there was a store (not outlet) in cali so I had to pay tax :push: but still I want an outlet!