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  1. Hi i am going to be near the vaugh outlet end of the month talk to me about whatscnew please! Bever neen to a ks outlet before.
  2. I was just there tonight, and what a difference a week makes from their grand opening! Tonight the shelves were stocked and the store was nowhere as crazy busy. They have lots of different styles of handbags, satchels, totes, small x-body plus the entire collection of Flamingo themed stuff. 99% of the merchandise was made for the KS factory outlets, only saw 1 item that was a transfer from the FP boutique. There was also a selection of wallets and agendas, ladies clothes and even toddler clothing. Current promo is 50 and 20% off.
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  3. Do you remember what item(s) had been transferred from specialty? I went one day last week and the shelves were nearly bare (their stock got transferred to the wrong location) and it was packed, however I only saw items that were made for outlet so I left empty-handed.
  4. It was only one item, a small red cobble hill crossbody that had an external zip around pouch on the front . I find that winners and Marshalls are great places to find FP deletes. The outlets usually do not have any .
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  5. Oh okay, thanks! I've found that the Niagara Outlet and TPO usually get a bunch of transfers at once but they always sell out quickly.
  6. OMG, I didn't know they had a KS store here, is it an outlet and when did it open???? Can someone give me some more info please!
  7. It opened end of last month, it's an outlet and they carry 99% made-for-outlet items. Their current promo is 50% off plus an additional 20% off I believe.
  8. Thank you, Thank you! I'm planning to check it out on my Birthday in 3 weeks on August 5th! :angel:
  9. No problem, hopefully they have a better sale such as their 60/20 going on at that time since the first of August is a civic holiday.
  10. I guess you go on the right days to see the transfers. On the few occasions I've been to NF and TPO, I've never seen any "good" transfers, just 1 or 2 pieces that are totally not cute, like the red crossbody I mentioned. I forgot to mention that I did purchase my first MFF piece, the Rosaline satchel/shoulder in white and I'm loving it.
  11. How can you tell what is MFF and what is a transfer? TIA
  12. The main identifier is that the product codes are different. In addition there's a difference usually with the logo and lining. If you search the KS forum you should be able to fine a few threads that answer your question in depth as it's been discussed before[emoji5]
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