outlets/sales in LA for this month?

  1. Hi girls
    will be going to LA next week (so excited!) are there any places with good sales that you guys know of or outlets?

    I'm looking forward to picking up some new sunnies and also a new bag and maybe shoes?!

    And how's the weather what can I wear? Please give me a heads up!

    Thanks all!!!!!!!
    :heart: :heart: :heart:
    giving ya'll some love for Vday!
  2. Barney's Warehouse sale goes through the 20th! Santa Monica Airport, Barker Hanger. Check out topbutton.com for other sample sales going on in the area.

    Weather has been nice, but it is supposed to rain all weekend.
  3. If you are coming out over President's Day weekend the outlet malls usually have pretty good sales. Will you have a car? And where will you be staying? I would suggest if you do want to go to the outlets there are a few good ones depending what you are looking for. My two favs are Camarillo and Cabazon. Of course they are in completely different directions so it is not really possible to do both the same day. If you pick Cabazon there is Ontario Mills Outlet that you can hit on your way. The Cabazon Outlet is a little higher end then the Camarillo. They have a Gucci outlet there. But I have to say I have never found anything good there when I was there. I would suggest do a yahoo search and you can get a complete store directory for them and then decided with one to go to. I think I am going to be hitting the Camarillo one that weekend.

    As for the weather who the heck knows lately. On Monday it was close to 90 and it is supposed to start raining in the next day or two. I am not sure where you are from but keep in mind in LA cold it is 60 degrees. We are very spoiled here. If it falls below 70 people walk around in heavy ski jackets and scarves.

    I am not sure about "sales" but Beverly Hills is a must.

    Good Luck. If you need any more info please feel free to ask.

  4. Definitely take advantage of this seeing as how you will be in the area. As far as malls go, try going to the Topanga Plaza...love their new Nordstrom's, if not, maybe even the Beverly Center or Century City Plaza...

    If you do have access to a car, try to make it to either the Camarillo outlets (45 min - 1 hour away from downtown LA) or Cabazon Outlets (~2 hours away).

    Hope you like it out here and find what you are looking for!!!