Outlets right now? Legacy?

  1. Wondering if I should go check it out, i am on the hunt for a black 2006 legacy satchel and i am thinking they might have some at the outlets right now...has anyone see them?

  2. I dont know about the other outlets, but I was at the Atlantic City, NJ one this weekend and the only legacy thing in the whole store was a concentric scarf. I was looking for any legacy pieces too, but unfortunately nothing.
  3. There were some legacy pieces at the outlet in San Diego California - Las Americas this past week. 06 Legacy Satchel in Whiskey. no black.

    They tend to go fast. I picked up a 06 legacy shoulder bag in white leather, and was about 5 minutes too late for the whiskey.
  4. There's a lot of Legacy bags at the Waikele outlet right now. The Ali, flaps, satchels, the Gigi (but it was slimmer...?), wristlets, and I could've sworn I saw at least one Lily...
  5. really a lily already? that seems odd - they are out of stock here in the states because they sold out
  6. Yeah, I swear at least one was out... because I remember thinking the middle strip thing looked kinda weird with all the turnlock holes... it made me think of an episode of CSI where a model gouged holes into her face (don't as me why that bag made me think of that - I'm just weird).
  7. Sometimes they are returns. I've also seen an Ali soon after it was released. The SD outlet had a Leigh in Gardenia. SO beautiful, but it was still $600. Newer bags like this are rarely on sale, and only about $50 below retail.
  8. good to know, thanks ! i love this board.... i learn something everytime i log on...

  9. Maya,
    I wish your outlet was not sooooooo far away. I am on a quest to find a white Ali ....no luck:crybaby: I will try calling the 1-800 # tomorrow and see what I can find out. I would go broke if I lived close to your outlet.....I love the legacy line:heart: I can't seem to get enough of the legacy stripes:yes:
  10. Oh yeah... We have so much! It's insane... If I had unlimited funds, I'd buy up half that store!! I hope you get your white Ali!!