Outlets return policy?

  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know the return policy to the Lesportsac outlets? I bought a luna and now wish I had gotten a trenino. However, I don't have my receipt anymore. I know alot of stores can look up your transaction if you paid via credit card... Lindsay at the SH outlet is nice, I wonder if she would be willing to if I emailed? Otherwise I have to sell the luna on eBay first, which is a pain.
    Thanks for your help!
  2. The outlet transactions are final sale so they don't accept returns :sad: Looks like eBay it is for you. What kind of luna did you get?
  3. Yeah, TokiJen is right, outlet are final sales. Im searching for a trenino too-but in spiagga because they are harder to get dirty and I cant resist the hawaii beach theme!
  4. It's inferno. It is really cute, but I want a trenino. And then a luna in foresta (since the foresta lunas are easier to find than foresta treninos). Jeez, this is a sickness.

    I thought it would have to be eBay, so it's not the end of the world.

    Thanks for the quick replys!
  5. Hey ghanima, I love your avatar.. what print is that from?
  6. It's from the Pool trade show at Las Vegas. I didn't make it though, one of the girls on the livejournal community did.
  7. yeah...too bad the outlet doesnt accept returns...i think i saw your inferno luna :biggrin: goodluck!