Outlets in Tulalip and Burlington

  1. Hey ladies
    I am from Canada so I do have quite a trek to the outlets. My girlfriends and I are thinking of heading down to the outlets either tomorrow night or on Sunday. Any idea what they have in stock right now? Is it worth the trip? Would love to know your thoughts before going all the way down there.
  2. How sad, there are 2 outlets within 20 minutes from me and a Coach store also 20 minutes away. A lot of ladies have to travel so far to get their beloves purses.
  3. You may want to call them. I know the Burlington outlet has the Signature line and Tulalip doesn't. I haven't been up there in a couple of weeks so I don't know what they still have.
  4. OK, I went up to Tulalip and saw they had several Chelsea bags, a couple of the Legacy Leather Satchel altho they only had the floor models left (a black and a white), some leather studded hobos. The SA said that they'll get more new (fall) models on Monday.