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  1. The SO and I are going to another wedding this weekend in Gaithersburg, MD. I found searched for the closest outlets (Via the Coach outlet sitcky) and found Hagerstown and Queenstown. Both are around an hour away from the hotel and in two opposite directions. So I think with the shortage in time we will only be able to go to one. If you have been to either can you tell me what either have or which may be better?
    Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. I'd recommend Hagerstown.

    Going to Queenstown will be AWFUL this weekend. You'll have to go over the Bay Bridge, traffic will all be going toward Ocean City. You're pretty much guaranteed to be standing in traffic in/after Annapolis (if not before!)
  3. hagerstown for sure, that bay bridge will be a nightmare this weekend.
  4. They didn't have a COACH outlet when I still lived in MD (they were renovating & building at that time last year) so I've never visited the outlet. The selection at Hagerstown was very nice when I went, and it was a pretty easy drive. I'm just thinking about stupid OC traffic. That's one of the things I hated most about living in Annapolis in the summer!
  5. Hagerstown for sure! my man used to stay in DC and we would go to Hagerstown all the time when I'd visit.
  6. i didn't even think to ask about traffic, so thank you for that.
    so at hagerstown, is it majority leather or sig?
  7. Hagerstown for sure...this has more leather items. They also have one in Leesburg, VA, not a bad drive from Gaithersburg.
  8. that was going to be my next question. i've been to leesburg once before and they had a pretty good selection.
    maybe i can hit that one up on the way back.
  9. Last time when I was there, they had a bit of both.

    You could also hit up Leesburg and Williamsburg!
  10. stay away from queenstown, it's right when you get over the bay bridge and the traffic will be a nightmare, I really like that outlet, but stay away this weekend.

    have fun!!
  11. leesburg is good, but it's not really on your way back to chesapeake, it's more west of DC

  12. ditto!!!!!!
  13. I've been to Leesburg & Hagerstown, both are great! Hagerstown carries signature, Leesburg has hardly any. You'll love them both!
  14. I was at the Hagerstown outlet yesterday - they had a decent selection, some of the denim shoulder bags and chocolate/white shoulder bags and one large Carly in the canvas/pear (I was hoping for the smaller size down in that combo, so boo). They have a lot of the "made for the outlet" stuff, which depending on what you're looking for could be a good thing.
  15. I was Hagerstown about a month ago and was pleasantly surprised. Great outlet!
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