outlets in europe?

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  1. hi,

    i'm going to europe next week and was wondering for some pointers for where to shop. i heard florence has gucci & prada outlets.. where else are there good outlet shopping? or any other boutiques or certain items which are highly recommended to shop for? thanks!
  2. what a great thread! i will be visiting france and italy next and would love to do some designer outlet shopping!
  3. The outlets in Florence sound wonderful. I'll definitely plan a trip there next time I"m in Europe.
  4. There's a big shopping centre near Leeds (England) full of outlets. This is their website, they've got labels like Burberry, Boss, Paul Smith, YSL etc. They've also got a few shoe stores that sell designer shoes. The burberry outlet is very cheap. This is their website, there's a map there somewhere their exact location

  5. Are there any outlets in Milan or Rome? Thanks.
  6. Bicester outlet is in Oxford and is about 1 1/2 -2 hrs away from London

    I've gotten some great deals when i was there last time (during July sales), bought a MaxMara pantsuit for 99 pounds, Tod's mule for 79 pounds, ballerina for 89 pounds. While i was there, i saw a woman and her companion keep trying on shoes....between the two of them, i think they bought at least 9-10 pair of shoes from Tod's boutique alone.

    I'd love to go again and get couple more Anne Fountaine's shirts, I love their cut and style!

    Highly recommend you go there during January and July Sales!!!
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