outlets in dc area?

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  1. i will be in the washington dc area for almost a week, and was wondering if there are any outlets close to dc that are easily accessible by public transportation.

    thanks in advance.
  2. I was in DC for work a couple weeks ago and I went to Potomac Mills and Leesburg. Neither are really close by public transport. You would probably pretty much need to rent a car for the day to get to Leesburg, which is what I did. The day I went to Potomac Mills I took a cab from the furthest out Metro station in that area which is Franconia/Springfield ( I think).

    There are lots of ladies here that shop those stores regularly that will probably be more help.

    Leesburg is awesome, but definately start calling ahead if you have stuff in mind.
  3. Definitely Leesburg and Potomac Mills will be your best outlet options. Good Luck and Have FUN!! :biggrin:

  4. Yeah, I'd consider Queenstown and Hagerstown too far out of the area to be worth the attempt.