Outlets "Duping" Customers? Say it Ain't So...

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  1. I always understood-- and have been told by the Burberry botiques-- that Burberry does NOT manufacture outlet-specific pieces. Rather, pieces are sent to the outlet, when retired from the main line.

    However, in doing some research, I found this:


    Quote directly from that thread: "...I feel that Burberry was duping patrons with the outlet concept in recent years anyways. Close to 80% of the merchandise that each Burberry outlet carries is "outlet specfic," meaning that it is manufactured specifically for sale at outlet locations with no prior intention of being sold at a full-price, retail boutique. The materials used for these "outlet specific" items are not on par with the items sold in boutiques; they are of lower quality. The outlets just slap on a tag with an unrealistic MSRP and mark down a certain percentage, fooling buyers into thinking that they are getting a discount on a Burberry item, when in reality all they are getting is a sub-par piece at a lower price, therefore equating the price…"

    Say it ain't so (yes, I hear the song in my head when I read this post)!

    Does anyone have any intel on this?

    I am very interested in a trench at an outlet….
  2. :sad: Too many brands do this. How does the quality look when you examine it? Sometimes the cut and fit will be different too
  3. I had and still have the same concern. My trench is coming via mail soon. I'll go in and do a compare of my Outlet Kensingtom vs Retail Kensington. If it's different, I'll post something up.
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  4. I was just at the leesburg outlet and saw a good price on the Kensington. I am wondering if there's any chance that it could be inferior quality or a second like that other thread mentioned.

    Is there anyone here familiar with the Leesburg store? If so, so you know if there any trend of past season vs "made for outlet"?

    Burbs newb
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  5. I called Burberry. They confirmed that they do not manufacture for the outlets. The gentleman said everything in the outlet stores are former main-line pieces.

    I wonder where the poster in that other thread got his/her information....?
  6. That is a relief. Thanks for confirming :smile:
  7. Over the years I have seen stuff carried by the outlets evolve from items you can only find there to those that were sold in regular stores or online but from previous seasons.
    As long as the price is reasonable and you find what you like, outlets should not be a negative thing.
    Just make sure you know the prices as I've seen items that go on sale in store and show up in the outlets at a later time with a higher price than what it was already on sale for.
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  8. ...update - i went to the retail store to compare and the fabric is the same.

    I ended up returning mine because I found a better deal but nice knowing outlet same as store.
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  9. Oooohhh! Where'd you find a better deal?! Share!!!
  10. Katayoun, it was a local person-to-person sale. The outlet price was the best one I found it terms of retail so far.
  11. Lucky! Mod pics!!!!
  12. They always say so but I don't believe them. I quit outlets for a while and only shop sales at retail store.
  13. I bought an outlet trench (Brit). I think it was a good deal, and it was Made in England. I have no idea if it was made for outlet or not, but for the price I wasn't complaining. :P
  14. +1
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