outlet wallets?

  1. does anyone have pictures of wallets that are at the outlets right now? I asked an SA to email me pics, but I havent gotten them yet.

    please post pics if you know which wallets are in the outlets!
  2. i'd like to see this too!!
  3. anyone?
    ill post pics once she emails me.

    in the meantime..some must know!
  4. wow i did not know SA email pics, how cool.
  5. got an email with 4 pics of wallets.....
    I only asked for a pic of non mongramed, non numbered wallets..so basically classic style wallets ( black, brown..plain leather)
    I fell in LOVE with one and I want to make sure that I am able to get it..once I get the email back ill post pics along with other pics I requested the SA to take...so exciting