outlet waiting list?

  1. i've heard that it's possible to call an outlet and if they don't have a bag in stock, to ask to be put on a waiting list so that they call you when it's available, right?

    how often do the SAs actually call back if the item comes in?
    what's the best way to track down a specific outlet bag?
  2. I was in my local outlet once late last winter looking for a particular bag that had just been removed from the Coach website. The SA had absolutely no idea what I was talking about, but she took my name, number, and the style number.

    I forgot all about it, then in June, I got a call that they had gotten in the bag I wanted. They held it for me and I picked it up a couple of days later.

    So to answer your first question, they do follow through :yes:

    Hope this helps!
  3. yes they do. I do this at Tilton, the SAs there are great and I have gotten calls 2 times for bags that I was on a list for. Somebody said they only keep your name on the list for 30 days so maybe you have to call and renew it after 30 days.
  4. I had luck doing this too. The SA at the outlet put me in the system for a few specific items I was hoping for. They called me a couple days ago when the bag I wanted came in, put in on hold for me when I said I wanted it and then I picked it up later that day!
  5. Thanks for the info on this :tup:

    With some ergo hitting the outlets, I'm worried I'll miss the sig hobos if/when they get there. I'm headed up tomorrow anyway so I'm going to ask about this :yes:
  6. i've given my info to SA's at the outlets:sad: in the past..and was never called...
    i think it's hit or miss...honestly
  7. I think it totally depends on the outlet.. I have called one and they were incredible to deal with, and called me within a few days.. held it for longer, just great. :tup: Then I have called the 3 in Vegas and one told me they couldn't even put me on the list because I live out of state, 1 told me they would put me on the list.. and the guy was supposed to call me that day when he unloaded the bags ( I begged and begged him).. I actually ended up going later that day and there were lots of that bag unloaded, no call.. :cry: and the 3rd was sooo nice and put my name on and totally went out of their way to call me and hold the bags.. they were almost as excited as I was.. and I lived 2 1/2 hours away. I know how much I appreciate it when they do.. but sometimes you just can't rely on them. :shrugs:
  8. It really does depend on the outlet, and who you talk to. The manager at one of the outlets I go to is an absolute sweetheart, she even recognizes my voice on the phone (of course, my husband says that's because I must be in there WAY too much.....)
  9. This past summer after purchasing my Carly's from the outlet , I told the SA that helped me to call me if any of the 06 Legacy came in. She said she would put all the information in the computer, so I told her all the bags I would be interested in.
    Well, the 06 Legacy hit the outlets and thanks to Wander who first posted about this, I called to see if my outlet had received them. Yes, they had. I did purchase a few Legacy bags and while checking out, I asked the manager why I hadn't been called. I frequent this outlet quite often, in fact they recognize both Dh and I from being there so often. Her reply was, well we've been really busy. I don't know if it was because of the holiday , but thanks to the information I found here, I was able to get some of the Legacy I wanted. Now, I call and ask if they have received anything that I'm interested in. I won't assume anymore that I'll be called.
  10. it also depends on the SA as well as the business that day. on busy days, most of them will probably forget about the waitlist but on slow days, they pull outthe waitlist and makes calls.
  11. I've used this procedure a number of times, and I've received calls most of the time. It just depends if the item ever reaches the outlet you've contacted.
  12. I waist listed for a black patent leather Ergo hobo last Saturday at the outlet and I received a call this morning for the bag. I think that it really does depend on your relationship with the SAs at the outlet. This particular outlet has very nice and friendly SAs and I don't mind driving 90 minutes to get to this outlet despite my having another outlet that's located only 30 minutes away from me.