Outlet vs. PCE ? on pricing

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  1. I'm going to the outlet this Friday, hopefully, and I wanted to buy my niece a swingpack for her birthday at the end of July. I wasn't going to buy her anything that was a seasonal hit, probably something like the brown or black swingpack with the Cs--is it cheaper to buy an outlet swingpack or just wait for PCE? How different are the prices at the Outlet?


  2. Hi Amy! I am AMY, too! :P
    I would say you could save at least $25 on a swingpack at the Outlet. They are usually $99, but a lot of times they'll have an extra 20% off of that price. They should have some kind of Memorial Day Sale going on towards the end of this week!!! Hope you find what you are looking for!!
  3. because there is no guarantee that youll get PCE, i suggest you just buy it at the outlet. also, if the outlet has a sale it will be significantly cheaper than PCE, plus the outlet would probably have different things that may not be what you are looking for. i would wait to see if you get PCE, if you dont try to talk to your SA, and then if you STILL dont like the price then go to the outlet (espically since the bday is a month after PCE, you have time)
  4. One more thing about the outlet...if you are looking for a SIGNATURE Swingpack, make sure the outlet you are going to CARRIES Signature! Some outlets DON'T!
  5. good point! :tup:
  6. oh man, I just typed out a response and accidentally hit enter....bleh.

    Anyway, I'll just have to check out the Outlet first to see what they have. I love the new denim....oh, and I read my reply, her birthday is actually in June, not july! I'm buying her a swingpack because my sister and I don't decided this year not to do Xmas presents, only birthday, so it's a combined present that doesn't put you out at Xmas-we usually spend around $100 so this would be perfect for her. (she'll be 11) I like the new patchwork but don't want to limit her to a seasonal line--PLUS I'm dying for a Carly bag. If I don't get a PCE card I'll cry--I spent over $1000 on the last one and I'm still not quite recovered from that one, lol--I'll have to keep my fingers/toes crossed and every finger/toe of anything breathing in my house that I get one!!!

    Thanks so much!!

  7. We decided not to do Christmas (with the extended family) either just go big on birthdays. I was going to get my niece something (she will be 12) BUT she is so tiny I think everything would be too big on her. so maybe for her 13!

    Anyways, I prefer the PCE, because its 25% off the new stuff and sometimes you can only get 20% at the outlets.
  8. I think the outlet is hit or miss...with their selection and the markdown. My first bag I bought myself at an outlet was only $30 cheaper than the retail price. Not that great of a deal on a $300 bag!

    I say check out the outlets and if you see something buy it. You can always return it if you get a PCE invite.