Outlet vs FP

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  1. Wondering what everyone thinks of the "made for outlet" handbags? I'm finding the SA's at FP to be so grumpy, hateful and snobby...they're worse now than ever. And, it REALLY is starting to irritate me to pay full price. I wait for "sales" for everything else I buy (except my cosmetics...no sales...maybe a free gift!). I'm not going to pay full price and deal with a SA that either loves you or hates you depending on if you buy or not. And, forbid, if you take something back!!! You don't want to walk into FP with a "bag"...it doesn't matter if you bought it the day before! I know earnings are hurting with FP...do these girls get paid commission? Are the mgrs feeling pressure with their stores and how much they sell? I always get treated so well at the outlet stores, no matter which ones I go to. Everyone is happy and friendly...but not at FP anymore. Any comments regarding this? And, how many find buying the "made for outlet" handbags looking better and better? What about the quality of them? And, now for the tough question, does it bother some ladies to buy the "made for outlet" bags?
  2. Most of the bags that are in the full price boutique will end up at the outlet. I only buy boutique bags at outlet prices unless I see a really nice "made for outlet" bag.
    I will never pay full price - just cant make myself do it in this economy.
  3. In my experience, the made for outlet bags are of pretty much the same quality as the boutique bags. I bought one made for outlet bag for my mother because it was exactly what she was looking for! I wouldn't have any problem buying a made for outlet bag if I liked it enough. However, you can usually get a boutique bag at the outlet for roughly the same price. I tend to go more for boutique bags because they are the ones I like. My mom has used her bag every day since I got it for her in May and it still looks like the day I bought it.
  4. My favorite bag right now is a made for outlet bag, but I tend to gravitate toward the boutique bags that make it to the outlet. I think it's really touch and go with the factory bags. My ergo hobo bag that I love so much right now (factory bag) is made of that same buttery leather that I always loved on the older Legacy bag, but some of the factory bags look plastic-y to me. It's all a matter of taste, though -- if you love a factory bag, who cares if it was never in the boutiques?

    I had a really bad experience in a boutique right after Christmas (where a new SA told me that (1) Coach has never made a leather bag with legacy stripe lining and (2) my Gigi must, therefore, be a fake), which solidified my love of the outlets. I've only had one less-than-stellar experience at the outlets, and that was a few days after Christmas during the height of tourist season insanity in Orlando. Other than that, I find the outlet shopping experience a much better one than the boutiques. Unless the boutiques start acting like a more upscale store that wants to retain customers, I am outlet bound.
  5. In the past few months I have purchased two great bags at the outlet that were in the boutique this past fall. :tup: I am very, very glad I waited to purchase. The cost of both bags was less than the boutique price of one. I plan to shop mostly outlet in the future.
  6. I've already decided that I'm not purchasing bags from the boutique anymore since they hit the outlets so quickly (that, and there are no bags I'm interested in). Honestly, the SAs always act so inconvenienced selling stuff these days that I cannot stand going into the boutique. Yes, I want to see 2 or 3 of the item I'm buying so I can pick one I'm happy with. Yes, I want them gift boxed. No, I do not want the matching accessories, and no amount of pushing and shoving them in my face will change my mind.

    Right now there is a wallet and keyfob in the boutique that I really want, and I may just suck it up and pay for the crazy shipping charges from coach.com to avoid my boutique SAs, cause I just know I'll get treated like crap when they realize I'm only buying a $98 wallet, $30 fob, and nothing else.
  7. I am guilty of looking at the boutique to see what I want when it hits the outlet. Bad economy or not I am not going to pay full price if I don't have to. I can't afford limited edition bags, so I am up for whatever tickles my fancy at the outlets.
  8. There are other threads on made for factory bags vs. boutique bags. It's a matter of preference. Some people will only buy a boutique bag, whether it be full price, on PCE, or as an outlet transfer. I have a factory line bag. I got it because it is the perfect shade of red and has patent leather trim. I had a factory line leather bag but had to return it because of the wear on the corners. I think my other bags have been in the stores but transferred to the outlet. I love saving a lot of money when purchasing it at the outlet! There is a beautiful shade of green at the outlets now, the factory line of bags. I would not hesitate to purchase something from that line. It really depends on what kind of bag I like and how cheap it is!
  9. Although I have sworn of buying any bags for FP at the boutique I am sure that sooner or later there is something special that will flip my skirt and I will crack and foolishly buy it there. (Dumb, dumb, dumb, I know!)

    Then a month later when I see it at the outlet I will be kicking myself hard over it and re-vowing again to never to buy anything at the boutique.

    I have a very thick skull and apparently like to learn my lessons the hard way.....
    It will be shame on me time then! :Push:
  10. One of my favorite bags is from the factory line, it's actually the only thing from an outlet that I've ever purchased for myself. It has worn wonderfully, the leather is lovely.

    However, the boutique is much closer for me and the SA's there are wonderful. I have to agree with Carrie though, I suppose it would make more sense to drive the extra half hour to save so much...but when I see something I love in the boutique I can't let it go! :btdh:
  11. Reading these posts just got me thinking, I have three boutiques closer to me than any outlet and yet none of my bags were every purchased at a boutique. I purchase accessories at the boutiques but all of my bags have been at the outlet. I know that some of you think that I may be crazy when I say that but the irony of this whole situation is that some of my bags I bought at the outlets were still in the boutiques or online the same time I purchased them at the outlet.
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    I don't really consider myself a snob but when I go to the outlets I don't even look at the made for outlet bags. I immediatly go to the back of the store and look for the boutique bags. I think its the "thrill of the hunt" mentality, its gives you a certain thrill to find something that was at the full priced store for half off or more and you know that if you wait long enough the bag you want WILL most likely end up at the outlet. Take the Ergo Framed Satchel for example, I was looking at Dillards on saturday and they were still there for full price, I went to the outlet on sunday and there they were for 40% off.
  13. I'm the same way. I don't have anything against outlet bags, but they are always there. Boutique transfers might only be there for a day or two, maybe less! Its exciting to see what they get in.
  14. As an avid Coach lover, I have a lot of Coach and impulse buy like crazy :bagslap:. That said, in the past two years or so I don't think I've paid full retail for a bag. I live about two + hours from a boutique (Dallas or Shreveport) and an outlet (Allen) so I hit ebay a LOT. While there's nothing wrong with the made for outlet bags, nice, but maybe a little skimpy on the leather or details, I personally prefer to buy the bags that were in the boutiques a few months before. I look in the boutiques and at stores but don't buy because I just can't justify the price versus waiting a little bit and possibly finding it on ebay or at the outlet. Sorry for the ramble.
  15. I live much closer to an outlet than a boutique. However, I only purchase transfers from boutiques, and I have never purchased an outlet-only bag. I've just never seen one I considered have-to-have.