outlet vs boutique

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  1. if the bag u want is available at the outlet and at the same time is available at the boutique and u have the pce card. where would u go to purchase it? just curious to know.
  2. I'd get it where the final price is cheaper.
  3. ^^ Oh yeah, that too. I forgot to answer the question :yes:
  4. yeah i know that. what i meant was that either buy at the outlet price or at a boutique using a pce card.
  5. Oh, Ok. The question at first was kinda confusing but I got you now.
    Since my boutique and the Outlet are just about the same distances I will buy it to wherever it's cheaper just like the other poster said. But if the final price is almost the same, I'll buy at the boutique since I have a very nice SA there :smile:
  6. It also depends on the condition of the bag. If the one at the outlet has been a little manhandled, I'd buy a fresher one at the boutique. However, my outlet bags have all looked good to me!
  7. I agree that I'd buy it wherever it was less expensive, provided both bags were in new condition. At the same price, I'd choose to buy at outlet because my SA at outlet is SO much nicer than any SA at my boutique.
  8. Most likely I would buy it at the outlet cause it's usually cheaper at the outlets i go to. Sometimes they mark it down really low and still add the 20/30% off that price. But when it comes to leather and in the color that shows scratches easily (whiskey or etc.) I would definitely go to the boutiques using the PCE because the leather bags at the outlets are already scratched up so bad.
  9. Outlet!!
  10. Whichever is cheaper and factoring gas money too
  11. So far the outlets have had lower prices than store prices with PCE. Take those Bleecker leather wallets, compare $156 (after PCE) to $119.99 at the outlet.
  12. The outlet prices seem to be more (sometimes much more) than 25% off, so I usually buy from the outlet, as long as the bag is in good condition.
  13. I went to an Outlet today and I was sooo pleasantly surprised that the SA went in the bag to locate the "good" bags. One's without scratches. I was really impressed.:yes:
  14. As long as the Outlet offers scratch-free/unhandled items then it's worth getting them there because they do tend to be cheaper at the Outlets than the Boutiques....However, if you really like an item and you think it may not make it to the Outlet, then it's worth just using your PCE and just get what you want. When it comes to something I really want/like/love, I'm willing to even pay full-price for it with no regrets (even if I see it later for cheaper).