Outlet visit... Oooops

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  1. #1 Feb 28, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2014
    Fell in love with the valentine alexa after my outlet visit this week. The glossy goat is amazing and feel it will be much more hardwearing:smile: the leather seems much more soft on the alexa than my midnight bays in goat and doesn't have the wrinkle effect of buffalo. All in all am very pleased :cool:

    I seem to have chopped her head off but a pic anyways lol

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  2. Welcome to the forum :smile:

    Love this colour - congratulations :tup:
  3. Thank you, hubby wasn't pleased with me, but then again he never is when it comes to mulberry :P

  4. He will come to term with Mulberry eventually - like mine - :biggrin:
    Congrats on a fab purchase
  5. And mr fur baby has utilised the lovely packaging

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  6. Beautiful bag and beautiful fur baby. Nice to see your sharing, a bag each x
  7. Beautiful, I do love the valentine Alexa's. Congrats :smile:
  8. Not sure which I love the most ? Val' 'Lexi (got one, love it best of all my Mulb's), or, gorgeous puddy-tat (got 7 of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!) .. congrats on buying the best 'Lexi ever & on having such a lovely cat ! xx Holls
  9. Congrats on the bag. I love this bag. Not had mine long but it will brighten up your day. Hope you enjoy it.
  10. Stunning! How much are they in outlets?? I am sorely tempted.
  11. Gorgeous bag and kitty!

    Valentine Alexa is amazing, perfect leather and colour.
  12. Congratulations on an absolutely stunning bag. Enjoy!
  13. £697 :cool:
  14. Pretty kitty and fabulous bag enjoy!!!
  15. Congrats it's gorgeous.