Outlet Updates

  1. if you still need it, 192 plus 40%off
  2. EEEEP! All those Marigolds and Hennas.. *drool*

    Does anyone know if you are charged sales tax for ordering over the phone? And would I be charged PA sales tax or CA sales tax?
  3. You will be charged CA sales tax. :sad:
  4. ^^ Ewwww! lol.
  5. ^can't you request destination tax? I feel like you get charged the tax of the destination? I don't get charged tax from Off Fifth usually because there isn't one here in Iowa - but maybe thats because there isnt a location at all?
  6. what is ca's tax?
  7. CA tax is 8.75% :sad:
  8. philadelphia is 7 going up to 8 soon. not too much of a difference for me.
  9. Generally speaking, you get charged the local sales tax where the store resides. I don't think they have the capability of calculating the tax for other locations, and I believe the registers are set up to charge the local tax automatically.

    It would be like if you visited the store in person on vacation from somewhere else, you would pay the local tax.

    I think some online retailers abide by different rules, but when buying from an actual store via phone, you pay the store's local tax.
  10. just order from de from now on. they have no sales tax!
  11. OUCH!!! The next city over is 9.25 and we NEVER shop there. We're at 8.75, but try to shop for larger items/purchases (costco, target) in Orange County where it's 8.25% (our old tax rate in LA)
  12. I think sales tax above 6% is outrageous. I almost moved to Chicago a year ago and I remember shopping, buying some items @ Coach and the sales tax there is a WHOPPING 10%. THATS RIGHT 10%.
  13. I just checked my charge send receipt from Cararillo (?), California. I didn't get charged sales tax, but I did get charged flat rate FedEx $15 shipping.
  14. The whole state of TN is 9.25 percent