Outlet Updates

  1. OH I am SO hiding my phone - I see a Marigold Hopewell!!
  2. wow!!!!! theyve been holding out!!!! i need one of those hopewells!!!
  3. Seriously!

    They just opened on Friday so I am assuming they held a stockpile especially for the store.

    And it's super nice inside! Way nicer than the others I have been to!

    While they didn't have LAMB clothing, they did have shoes. I was tempted, but it would be financial ruin to buy more than I did.
  4. I love the look of the newer Off 5th locations - much more like the full-priced store than the old outlet-looking ones. Camarillo is all new and pretty too, full of glass shelves, display cases, "sections" for designers / merchandise. It's cool.
  5. Yeah, I was really impressed! The drive to this new one was a little farther than to the other one near me, but it was worth it!
  6. Those pics, thanks Cerulean- I think I just had a "lambgasm"!
  7. They had a TON of Marigold Hopewells!! I was really surprised!
  8. I'm dying over that marigold hopewell!!! :faint:

    Thanks for posting cerulean! Everything looks so pretty and neat!
  9. I know why everyone is swooning over the marigold hopewell! It was so pretty!
  10. ^ C, do you remember how much it was?
  11. I'm sorry. I didn't even look at the price. But I am guessing it was probably $239 before discounts. The Williamsfield was $199, so $239 makes sense, and that price point was the next level up.
  12. ^ Thank you doll. I might have to give them a call tomorrow...I see a couple of things that me likey :graucho:
  13. The number for the Gilroy store is 408-848-2671. ;)

    And don't forget to tell them you want the 20% off. Teehee!
  14. ^ Thank you. ;)
  15. Call me insane, but I like the old Off Fifth design. I think the old Off Fifth was more of a hunt...the bags always seemed to be scattered everywhere. Maybe it's just my opinion about the newer collections, but I think the old locations leave me hoping that I'll find a bag hidden in the unorganized shelfs. hehe.