Outlet Updates

  1. Jersey Gardens

    Saks 5th - Jacquard and some music line. Very limited selection.

    Neiman Marcus - had the music bags that were big and looked like a sac. Then a FULLL WAAAALL of henna bags, mandalay, marigold and the bags that were leather with the red, dark yellow/blue coloring, forgot what it was called. Oh, and ryder bags as well! I'm so mad I didn't know that Neiman Marcus had LAMB bags too before this thread, arggh, lol.
  2. :cry: there isnt a off 5th near me i want a music so so bad
  3. The Neiman Marcus had the Music bags marked down 35% today, I suggest going there instead of Saks. Saks had the Music hobos for $412, and NM had them for $340 (before the % off).

    Marshalls also has the fragrance for $24.

  4. Do you remember how much the Hennas were? Esp the Jaipur? I'm looking for one in natural. TY. :0)
  5. ^-- I don't remember the prices. I'm sorry, I was looking more at the Mandalay bags, but even then I barely remember the numbers. :sad:
  6. Not a problem, I can just give them a call. :smile:

    OOO, I'm watching that Jaipur on ebay! It's gorgeous.
  7. Off 5th (Aurora Farms, Ohio) had these bags:

    - camel checkerboard: Oxford (1) & Exeter (1)
    - white leopard: Chateau (2)

    Pretty slim pickins there right now, I'm hoping they're not phasing LAMB out!
  8. so I was just in my philly off 5th and last call
    last call has ryder bags now in all three colors a marigold clutch and music bags. they had a vanilla offbeat on clearance
    saks has some h lovers and the lone shadow wallet that has been there forever is now
  9. on clearance for 113 plus forty % off. is someone gonna grab that before I get paid haha . sorry for two post. stupid cell internet.
  10. I wish we had an off fifth here :smile: How much was the marigold clutch? was it the convertible clutch type bag or a wallet/make up bag kinda bag?
  11. convertable. i didnt check the price sorry!
  12. Oh that's okay, thank you for posting. GLAMBLOVER is wanting a marigold bag and she loves the convertible bags so maybe she can call in and check :smile:
  13. there was only one there!!!!
  14. I shouldn't ask, but what kind of shadow wallet is it? Clutch, zipper or french?