Outlet trip

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  2. Wow. :loveeyes: So much gorgeous!!
  3. in the 5th picture down, in between the 99 and 119 signs... what color blue is that bag, there is also the same colored tote on the shelf below. tia.
  4. Lucky... I wish I could visit the Dooney outlet. Thanks for sharing! I want so many bags shown here.
  5. Are these bags made for outlet or are they identical with what is sold on the website or QVC, or retail shops? Also, which outlet is this? It's so luscious that I would make a trip to the outlets that are within two hours of me if this were one of those. Thanks!
  6. It's hard to tell, but I think those are nylon bags and that may be "dusty blue." I'm not sure, though.
  7. Some bags are MFF and others are exactly like sold in retail. I believe that is the Woodbury Commons outlet in NY.
  8. Thanks so much.
  9. Yes it's Woodbury commons.
  10. So much fun!
  11. Great photos MJ! Nothing says Spring line flowers, bright colors, and baseball! That's a really nice outlet, very open and clean. Thanks for sharing.
  12. LOVE the outlet photos! So much fun to go there:yahoo:
  13. ...
  14. Thank you momjules for sharing these pictures.

    Thanks to your pictures. I was able to SPY the yellow bags I wanted for summer. I ordered them today they ship both the saffiano zip zip and hobo they were on a great sale much better than ilovedooney.

  15. I'm so happy you were able to get the bags you wanted! Every penny saved is worth it!