Outlet trip!

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  1. Just got back from the outlet; I wanted to get a lot of bags: they had a lot of great ones with additional 20% off (but had to restrain myself due to my budget and limited storage space- i also have a tokidoki/LAMB lesportsac addiction). I ended up getting these 2 pieces (love the print).

    I also got my mom a small white wristlet. But when she saw these, she decided she wanted one too. So she'll be exchanging the wristlet for one of these when she goes back (hopefully they still have some). All in all, I ended up spending around $250 for all 3.

    I love the outlet! Sooo worth the 1 hour drive..hmm..trying to remember the next holiday sale they might have....
  2. Great finds!!! I love the scarf print and kudos to you for using self restraint and not getting more :yes:
  3. Love the scarf print hobo! Beautiful!
  4. thank you...yeah, I went back to the store twice...just to make absolutely sure I didn't want anything else (soo much tempting bags!!)
  5. no way! awesome! i've seen different types of that print at my outlets, but they only had really small ones and a swingpack (which i bought). I wish they had those styles!
  6. Those are great finds!

    Which outlet was this? lol I went to the Gilroy outlet last week and they didn't have those styles :sad:
  7. The Premium Outlets at Cabazon
  8. I only saw the wristlet in the scarf print at my outlet. Very good finds! I loved that print. Sorry I didn't get the tote when I had the chance.:crybaby:
  9. Lancaster had the real small scarf prints out last week. Did not see any yesterday. Bags were too small.
  10. Congrats! Love the scarf print!
  11. Very Pretty!! :yes:
  12. my gosh wow did they have any other scarf print bags also did you happen to see if they had the bumblee keychain :O)
  13. I got the bee at an outlet in Ohio yesterday.
  14. Great Finds, Congrats! :smile:
    My outlet (st. agustine) only had a few small bags in the scarf print yesterday.
  15. Love your new goodies! Scarf print is so pretty!