Outlet Trip Today...

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  1. Hi, all!

    Reporting back from the outlet trip I made today to Woodbury Commons in NY.
    LOTS LOTS LOTS of stuff... I got a few neat things (NO PICS YET--still visiting now and won't be home till monday!)... they had lots of "optic" blue stuff (that's the pale blue babyish print) as well as BABY SHOES and BABY BLANKETS... shoes were about $55 after discount, so cute! Also, lots of dog collars and jackets for both you and your pooch. Gloves were great, ranging from $35 (leather soho in red and black) to $70 for the longer ones with the snaps. Bag selection was good... lots of logo and leather "bleeker" (I'm still learning!) as well as lots of soho in brown and black and even "tan" colors. Best deals: brown logo bag w/ zipper for $60 (don't know the name, sorry!)... my ponytail scarf also came out to $16, wow! Awesome.

    They had the suede (optic?) totes and wristlets as well for $59 for the wristlet I can't remember the price of the tote. Oh, and a great umbrella selection from $30 and up.

    I hope I got the basics! If you want to know if they had something just ask me and I'll try to remember (a pic would help!) This was my second different outlet trip and I want to help my other TPF girls find thier babies (AKA: feed their addictions). :p
  2. Wow, you did a good job on that outlet report. I went to my outlet today to charge send for a wristlet they had at another outlet that's too far away in CA (pic of it in my siggy). So I'm excited to be getting it in the mail soon. My outlet in Vegas has all of the things that you mentioned except for ponytail scarves and suede optic totes. I bought me an all-leather bleecker zip top bag for like $62 and it is RED. Kind of a rare color I think as I have never seen it before and there aren't any on eBay. I also bought a tattersall print coin purse/keychain with kiss-lock for $25. UGH I thought that was a lot but I just wanted it for my coins. I had fun! Thanks for the helpful post, I'm sure everyone is curious.
  3. how much were the dog jackets?
  4. Great! I'm glad to know they have a decent selection. I wanted to go there on Monday but my plans had to change, I've been wanting to get up there for so long now. Hopefully soon.
  5. Dog jackets were size medium (mostly) good for a 15-20 pound dog if you ask me. They would be 70-80 after the discount (can't remember if it was 20 or 30%). Very cute. One was khaki with the little "check" print inside and the others were all black. I was close to getting one, but I don't live in a city where I walk my puppy too much on busy streets, so her "wardrobe" of a few sweaters and a gap pink raincoat is ok for now. :smile:
  6. Great report, can't wait to see purchases! Congrats and have fun!
  7. Thats a great deal for shoes. I have never seen shoes at any of the outlets I have been to.
  8. yeh, i dont recall the shoes or maybe i wasn't interested at the time.
    Does Cabazon carry shoes?
  9. yay.. good for you!! Please post pics.. we want to see pics :biggrin:

  10. I was there that day too - they were just like the baby booties/shoes, I've never seen actual shoes at the outlets either :smile:
  11. Yes, to clarify, they were just the baby booties, they didn't have "grown up" shoes. Sadly! But I don't think they have the floor space for that...
  12. really? at woodbury?! i never find anything there. i usually find great deals (and items) at the buffalo and grove city locations...
  13. I've seen shoes at my local Coach outlets. They were returns though and were priced at what the Coach retail store was currently selling them at.
  14. Really? The last time I was in Grove City, I found nothing! I'll have to try the one in Buffalo though.
  15. great report, I heart outlet trip reports !