Outlet Trip! 2 Small Goodies. :)

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  1. So I got to go to the Queenstown MD outlet today! I haven't been to the outlets in ages; so I was very excited/overwhelmed. I was intent on just picking up one or two little goodies because my birthday is in a few days and I have well, bought my birthday present before my birthday many times in the past! :sweatdrop:

    I don't have my camera atm, but I ended up with:
    Bee Wristlet! $40.00; down from $135.00 original


    the Koi Fish Keyfob. :biggrin: I'm so glad they had some left.

    If my birthday wasn't so soon, I would have gone out of control. :drool: I was in love with like 10 different bags haha including a scribble print bag, the springy patchwork, the white bee totes, the bags in the multistripe pattern they had... I'm not sure what its called at the moment though; maybe hamptons? I'm not so sure. They also had a Hamptons Weekend Watercolor Stripe Tote there. ... ok that was like the whole store! ^^;

    There were a bunch of other great things there too; but I had to exercise some self control! I'm also saving up for hitting the outlet Memorial Day weekend in Gulfport MS as a little birthday treat to myself. :yahoo:
  2. oooohhh! you got good stuff!!!! so summery!

    happy early birthday
  3. Thank you ! :yahoo:
  4. I love the Koi keyfob! Congrats on finding that treasure!!!
  5. So Cute! Those are both on my wishlist, I'm hoping my outlet has them next week. :smile:
  6. Congrats on the bee wristlet and fish keyfob -- so cute! Also, happy early birthday!
  7. surely some of us tpf'rs will bump into each other at the outlets over memorial day weekend. that's when i'm going too and i've read so many other posts of gals holding out for that weekend. the sale for memorial day weekend will start on thursday, right? i would cry :crybaby:really hard if i got there on thursday and the BIG sale didn't start until friday ( i live 2 1/2 - 3 hrs away)
  8. oh and Happy Early Birthday and nice wristlet!
  9. I was under the impression that it started on the 25th- Friday. ^^; but I'm not so sure now. Anyone want to clear this up?

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! :yahoo:
  10. i'm going to do a search right now and if i don't find anything i'll start a new thread. this is dire.
  11. I think someone whos on the west coast should just call an outlet and ask, they're still open
  12. Gorgeous stuff! Congrats
    :balloon:Happy Birthday!!:balloon:
  13. well on the coach outlet thread someone mentioned anytime after 9am thursday. and i know the "new" weekly promotions normallly start on thursdays. but, yes, court, great idea, someone on PST please give a call?
  14. I just called the Las Vegas one and she said she hadn't heard anything yet, but they usually dont' know about any big different discounts until that day.

    I may call another one to see, unless someone else wants to call barstow or primm one in california?
  15. I'm thinking I really need to know this too. :angel: So I can plan to get over there... and find someone to take me. ;) Since I will be out of town and all.