Outlet today

  1. I stopped at the outlet today. They had the beaded totes in lilac and brown. There were some sueded Ali's and legacy satchels. The Ali's were 375 with an extra 20% off and the satchels were $458, I believe.
    They had the shearling signature totes, some beaded wristlets, patent leather totes in white and dark blue and some suede chelseas. I saw some dotted bags too. I think they were in a camel color.
    The new stuff, not on sale, included a lot of pebbled leather in the carryall styles. Some wave totes and pouches. Hobos in Mahogany, winter white and a few bordeaux suede. Other cute stuff too, but I can't remember everything now! Just wanted to share.
  2. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Also some Medium Soft duffels in brown smooth leather and medium blue Sonoma pebbled on sale for $151, as well as a few other colors, and some "classic" City Bags and Willises (including red) for, I think, $189 plus an additional 20 percent off. Also the last of the Poppy Hippie Bags, didn't notice the price.

    Lots of keychains and purse charms too. Oh, and some of the satchels and book totes in Flint suede.
  4. Ours doesn't have the classics at this time. I hope they get them back. I did see the smooth duffles you mentioned in brown and purple.
  5. Did you see this one?[​IMG]
  6. Yes! They had that one and the lilac one, very pretty. I can't remember what the price was. They also had some of the beaded wristlets for 49.99.
  7. I was just at the Aurora, Illinois one this morning (nice mall, incredibly bad parking!) and was surprised to see so many of the Classic bags there. That red Willis was so tempting but I already have an older Cherry Red one so I passed. I got one of the blue Sonoma Soft Duffels instead. Aurora is already out of the Soft Duffel in purple but had them two months ago (yes, I bought one - I LOVE purple!). And they had some denim blue Soho wallets, both the large and the minis, and some Polished Calfskin slim envelope wallets in both lilac or teal that may have been outlet-only since I didn't find them on the drilldown.

    No really outstanding deals, but still some good prices.
  8. I love the willis bag and kind of regret not getting one when I had the chance.
    I also saw some of the laced duffles. I believe someone here was asking about them the other day.
  9. OMG! I want the lilac one. How much was it?
  10. Handbag Helen what outlet was this at?
  11. Gilroy (CA)
  12. ^^ that's MY outlet!!
  13. Ooooh! I like the lilac one! Too bad I'm nowhere near CA!

  14. $159.99 (orig 319.00) in Massachusetts any way. I got a brown one today (last one)! They had a lot of Lilac and some of the Whisky Color. (Wrentham)

    Yesterday I picked up the Patent tote in Blue. $143.99 (orig $319.00.)

    I went back today to return a wallet that was never gonna hold everything - what was I thinking when I picked that out!

    What a MAD HOUSE both days - I hope Coach Outlet Employees are well paid - or get a HUGE discount - they deserve it!
  15. No way! That's a great price! :wtf: