Outlet today

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  1. I stopped at the outlet today and to tell you the truth, I wasn't blown away by anything. I think it is because I want that legacy shoulder tote that's at the boutique. They had one in rose at the outlet but one of the turnlocks was broken. It was a pretty bag and 60% off the outlet price but I just couldn't see buying it, knowing I wouldn't be able to fix it. Plus I really want a black one.
    Most everything was 20% off today. I am sure the sales will be better over the weekend. Plus I bet they have more goodies in the back to put out.
  2. Im sorry you didn't find anything. Like you said, they probably wanted to wait to put out all their goodies for Black Friday. From the money you save at the outlets, you can buy the bag you want at the boutique.
  3. Did you see any agendas?
  4. I didn't notice any but then I wasn't looking for one. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  5. every one i've been to has had agendas...
  6. Does anyone know what kind of deals they are going to have on Friday?
  7. According to the woman who answered the phone at the Outlet near me, the SAs don't even know what the exact "deals" are. Or that's what she said, anyways.
  8. Well hopefully their stocking up tonight from midnight madness. I don't want to be disappointed. I'm making an hour trip for this craziness.
  9. I'll be joining you! I'm making the 3 hour drive to the San Marcos mall for midnight madness and I'm totally psyched!! :yahoo: I can't wait! I sure hope there are some good deals, AND really hope that I can get something before all the good stuff is gone. :s
  10. ^^which outlet are you girls hitting? I'm debating whether to go to woodbury.
  11. Hagerstown, MD
  12. Same here! I'm going at midnight though! Better chances of getting BF to take me then than early in the morning!
  13. I'll be there at midnight on the dot...so sorry if I knock you over. Just gotta get to the stuff first!