Outlet to outlet transfer?

I've seen this question asked several times, but I dont see the answer anywhere. Can outlets do a transfer to your local outlet if, for example, one outlet has a bag you want but your local one doesnt? Are there any special conditions (i.e. you are charged FULL RETAIL, boutique price, etc.)? TIA!


Rock n Roll 'Ho
Mar 25, 2008
My guess would be no.

The outlets cannot even take the time to call you when they get in the items you have requested with the Client Tracker (joke of a) system.
So for them to actually manually send stuff off to another outlet for a customer would be very time consuming and not cost effective.
Tons of merchandise would be going to and fro and IMO is a highly unlikely scenario.

Add to that fact then the merchandise would count towards the other outlets sales goals and not their stores' so that is yet another reason I cannot see one location giving up 'their' merchandise for another store to do that transfer.

Right now you would be very hard pressed to even find an outlet location that will do a charge-send for an item and that is with you personally calling around and doing all of the legwork to locate the item.

But I could be wrong though.