Outlet Store Bandana Collection - Is it Back?

  1. Is the Bandana Collection from the outlets back this year (laminated cotton bags)? I am suddenly seeing an influx of eBay listings with the bandana makeup and pencil cases.

    Or are people getting them out of old invenory/personal collections?
  2. I just saw those at my outlet last month. I was really surprised to still see them there.
  3. just saw them today at the outlet!
  4. I saw them at the outlet today as well.
  5. my outlet just carries the pouch....$59....i think
    was looking for a wristlet...but no luck
  6. what else was included in the collection besides the pouch? :flowers:
  7. My outlet last weekend had the beauty case and wristlet.
  8. Lahaska had the pouch (like 3), a small makeup case (different then the pencil case from last yr) and I think a wristlet.

    I am recalling how low some of this stuff was reduced last yr so it definitely makes me want to hold off. (Nylon Hamptons Collection, Bandana Collection, etc)
  9. Can someone post pictures please?

  10. I know I never seen this!!!!
  11. Hi. Go to eBay and search Coach Bandana. It's a white cotton laminated pattern that's kind of fun and Spring/Summery.
  12. thanks
  13. Yeah i saw that they have light pink detail this year and different color bandana designs (more like last year's scribble pastel).
  14. Yeah, I think this years is cuter ... more pinks!!