Outlet Stock Question

  1. When day does new stock normally arrive in the store?
    Never purchased at an outlet for and would like to try this new experience out.

    Thanks. :heart:
  2. Nevermind! Found the answer in the outlet thread. :smile:
  3. In my experience they may get shipments on schedual - but they are sooo busy they do not put stock out on the same schedual. They always seem to have "a few more in the back" if you ask. So ask - especially if they are clearance items that are transfered from the boutique - they seem to only put one or two of these on the shelf at a time to promote a feeling of urgency among shoppers. I have found a lonely legacy shoulder, or chelsea satchel on the shelf and carried it around the store to protect it from prying eyes while I decided on my purchase - only to find there were "a few more in the back!".