Outlet shops in Orlando

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  1. Hi all:

    We will be in Disney Dec 25th thru 1st Jan. We will have one day rest from the resorts which I intend to use for shopping. Also, hope to catch some Dec 26th deals. Still in the planning stage so I can add a day or two to accommodate some shopping :cool:

    Where would the best deals be at?

  2. Hi...

    For deals, you probably want to check out the Premium Outlet on Vineland (there is also a Premium Outlet on Int'l Drive). It is off the same exit as Downtown Disney. Really good shopping...Tory Burch, Coach, Vera Bradley, Ferragamo, all the usual outlet stores...

    For Dec 26, you may want to try the Florida Mall, but it will be crazy. It's a pretty large mall with a variety of stores...Saks, Macy's, Disney Store, Nordstrom, etc.

    Any more questions, let me know - Orlando shopping is my hobby!!!
  3. I think the Premium Outlet at International Drive is better than on Vineland. I lived at Disney for 3 months (working) and I never found anything I wanted at Vineland but came home broke pretty much every time after International Drive haha. They have Victoria's Secret, Off 5th, etc.

    The best mall is the Mall at Milennia (higher end stores I think) but Florida Mall is good too.
  4. Hi everyone :smile:

    I'll be going to Orlando on vacation for a week. I live in the Miami area. I was really looking forward to the Premium Outlets and I noticed there are two. The Vineland Ave and the International Dr. one. I'll only have time for one and my favorite outlets are Barneys and Last Call. If anyone is very familiar with these, would you recommend the Last Call on International or the Barneys on Vineland? Is one lacking? Is one known for really good stuff? Any info would be helpful. Thanks alot!
  5. I'm not sure abut those specific stores but I prefer the one at Vineland. Check the store directory of both outlets, most of the stores are repeated but I think Vineland may have some that are not at International.

    Have fun :smile:
  6. They are actually only about 20 minutes from one another, straight up I-4 - so I would really try to hit both (I often travel to both in one day, with just 2-3 hours of shopping time total). Both Last Call and Barney's are hit or miss - you might find fantastic bargains or none at all.
  7. ^^I completely agree with morejunkny. If you can, try to go to both - they are fairly close together. If you have to choose one mall Vineland is better, IMO. I also agree that Barney's and Last Call are hit or miss, definitely worth checking out though. Have fun!
  8. I visited Orlando last year and each outlet location was worth visiting.

    As previously mentioned, they are located really close to each other.

    So I say...go for both !
  9. Thanks for the help everyone! I'll hopefully be able to get to both because I really wouldn't want to miss out and I'd love to hit the stores that aren't at both. The problem was that I'm not driving myself and felt bad asking my sister to go to both, but she's a shopper like me so I'm sure she won't mind! :smile:
  10. I agree that both are very doable and worth visiting if you have the time. They tend to get REALLY crowded later in the afternoon and on weekends. Last Call and Barney's are definitely both hit or miss. If you go to Last Call, make sure you look behind the jewelry counter. That is where they keep a lot of their higher end shoes and handbags. I saw two pair of Christian Louboutin's and a pair of Rockstuds when I was there last week. There is also a Saks Off Fifth at the one on International Drive. It is also hit or miss. Have fun!
  11. Hi everyone,

    I will be going to Orlando for two weeks (24.08.2014 - 07.09.2014) and was wondering if anyone has been to Orlando Premium Outlets recently (I will be visiting both Vineland Ave & International Dr) and what your opinions are?

    I was in Orlando last August for two weeks and found that I prefered International Dr, however the year before found more items in Vineland Ave.

    Also, if anyone know's of any particular sales starting any any of the big malls (Millenia, Florida Mall, etc) or the Outlets, feel free to let me know :biggrin:.
  12. I was just in Orlando the first week in July. I want to both but didn't stay at the International location very long. I went to the Vineland location just to go to the Fendi outlet! I was there for the 4th of July sale, went on a Sunday and traffic getting was terrible and it was raining but I made it. The mall is an outside mall. I went into Roberto cavalli and ferragamo but didn't purchase anything as my mission was to get to Fendi. Wish I could be more help.
  13. Went a few years ago, and they have some great deals, I also liked the Vineland location better, more options, but the International drive location is still good :smile:
  14. I just got back last week from there and I found better things at Vineland, but International had better selections at the Saks Off 5th and a good NM Last Call. You should also venture out to the Nordstrom Rack too.
  15. I prefer the International Drive location because of the NM Last Call and Saks Off 5th. It is also 10 minutes from my house so that is a bonus. The Vineland location has the higher end stores, but I find that they don't always have great deals. With that being said, it looks like you will be here during Labor Day weekend, so both locations will probably have sales. I'm guessing a lot of the stores at both the Mall at Millenia and the Florida Mall will have sales as well. Both Saks and Nordstrom closed at the Florida Mall though. I can let you know about specific sales as Labor Day gets closer. I'm sure I'll start getting emails in the next week or so.