Outlet Shopping

  1. I was thinking of doing some outlet shopping in the near future. However, the nearest outlet stores are a few hours drive from my home.

    What I'd like to know is whether the markdowns at outlet stores are generally worth the trouble of driving such a long distance? If it's like 10% - 20% or so I really wouldn't bother.

    Could anyone give me a rough idea as to how much the markdowns are for bags and shoes especially? Thanks!
  2. I think it depends on the store. For instance, Woodbury Commons north of NYC has a huge selection of shops, from Gap to Bottega Veneta. I just got a Gucci bag there for $519, marked down from $1290. :smile: I also got designer jeans at the Barney's outlet for $89 and $99, both marked down from the $180 range.
  3. I agree with onepinktee that it depends on what outlet you are going to. Also, good deals come and go at many outlets. I am an outlet and discount store junkie. Which ones were you thinking of going to? You don't necessarily need to share location if you are uncomfortable with that but store name would be helpful.

    The Number One rule of outlet shopping, IMO, is that you can't go looking for something in particular. Thinking "maybe a bag" or "maybe some shoes" is fine but thinking "some black patent leather round toe pumps" is not a good idea - or at least not the best way to find a great steal.

    The second rule is, IMO, no matter how far you travelled, be prepared to walk away with nothing. Better that than something you will regret and never use or just be driving back to return. Don't spend TOO much time talking yourself into something. You can get what I was told is called "Target Syndrome" (for the record, I do love Target - this is how it was explained to me) where you first walk into the store and think everything looks like crap and then after a few hours find yourself thinking "The craftsmanship on this paisley ruffled angled hem sweater with large buttons, bows and sequins is actually not so bad." In other words, its like being in a bar full of unattractive guys where the least appalling starts to look date-able after a few drinks and you begin to contemplate giving him your number. Sometimes it is absolutely better just to walk away.
  4. I was thinking of going to the Clinton Crossing (CT) outlet. I've never been outlet shopping before, so I appreciate the tips!
  5. if the outlet center has stores you would already shop in then it can be great. If however, the shops don't suit you at full price they won't suit you at the outlet price there.

    I love the Neimans last call and Nordstrom Rack we have locally - but, our outlet malls stink - I don't shop at Jcrew, Guess, or Ann Taylor normally - so it makes no sense for me to shop those types of stores on sale either.

    To know if it is worth the drive just make a list of the stores that you would actually want to see - if there are more than 3-4 stores on your list then it is probably worth the trip.
  6. I live on the exact opposite side of the world (18 hours direct flight time) and I go to Woodbury Commons once a year or perhaps once in 2 years – there are times I spend 3 days shopping *all* the stores and walk away with yet another pair of jeans or khaki *only*; nothing special and nothing I really need. It all depends on whether your closet is full (in which case, you might not get anything), or if you are re-hauling your wardrobe. There are usually plenty of nice basics, but may be difficult to get really good, unique stuff. I get better shopping in NYC.
  7. That is one of my favorite outlets! I frequently drive from NYC to Providence and back and always try to make a stop there. I have never seen it crowded. Be sure to go to their website and join their VIP club so that you can access their coupons and print your own coupon for a VIP Coupon Book:

    Off 5th there is VERY hit or miss. I just got an email that from January 11-15 everything in the store is buy one item, get the second half off.

    The Cole Haan outlet has unbelievable shoe deals especially with a smaller selection of bags. The VIP Lounge online also has a coupon for 25% off a purchase of $100 or more from January 12-21.

    Barneys outlet tends to carry almost exclusively Barneys brand bags. The shoe deals are pretty impressive but sizing is limited.

    Dooney has the best markdowns if you are into them - I do a lot of present shopping there because you can get good bags in the $50-$75 range if you poke around a bit.

    Coach has better deals than I have seen at the other Coach outlets I have been to but that could be timing on my part.

    BCBG Max Azria is also worth a look-see if you like their lines as are Kenneth Cole and Banana Republic (just opened).

    That's all about all I check when I'm there (at least until Michael Kors opens later this year).

    It looks like if you want to hit all the sales/discounts, this weekend (the 12th through the 15th) is your window.

    Hope this helps a bit!
  8. Jillian: Thanks! That was very helpful!!
  9. No problems. I am an Outlet addict and you are now officially an enabler.
  10. Jillian Dollars.....that was a great run down!! We have some great outlet malls here in SW Florida with Off Fifth, Nordie's Rack Room, Cole Haan, etc., and if you really poke around, it's very much worth going.
  11. In my opinion, its worth the gas. The deals are wonderful and I love going to see and touch all the pieces for myself, instead of buying online.
  12. I'm glad you mentioned this, because it reminded me of a question. Several of the Barney's label bags the outlet had looked *exactly* like Tano bags. Any chance Tano makes bags for the Barney's label?
  13. EXCELLENT ADVICE!!! never heard of the "target syndrome" but i love how you explained it :roflmfao:
  14. Ditto!! I LOVE outlet shopping, and you cannot beat the Premium Outlet sites - the one closest to me is in Leesburg, VA (take a look at http://www.premiumoutlets.com/outlets/outlet.asp?id=14), and I was able to walk away with a BUNCH of bags from Coach, Off 5th, Burberry, and Polo. DEF. worth the drive, I think. In fact, the time between visits lets their inventory turn over so you find newer stuff the next time you take the hike! :idea: