OUTLET shopping - VEGAS


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Aug 20, 2006
I am going to Vegas next week - woo hoo
and I want to do some major shopping - I looked up all the stores on the net but there seems to be a lot so I wanted some opinions.

I want to go to an OUTLET MALL. The only store I care about going to there is the Coach outlet - but it looks like every mall has one - so that doesn't help much =) It doesn't have to be close - we can take a cab.

So which one is the best? Which has the best deals? (looking for clothes and bags) ;)

Hi! I've been outlet shopping in Vegas - we were there in June. We went to the Primm Oulets:

Fashion Outlet Las Vegas

They have a shuttle bus that you can take from the MGM - I think it's like $10 or $15 for a round trip. It was worth it, especially the Neimann Marcus Last Call and the Bath and body works outlet! Coach didn't have anything good when I was there.

HAVE FUN! :smile:
YAY VEGAS! :biggrin:

I have been to the outlet center at the north (I think, haha) end of the strip, by Stratosphere. It was a $10 cab ride from Stratosphere (with tip) and they have Coach there. You could probably get there cheaper with the trolly. The Coach was nice, I picked up a few things when I went back in March.
I forget the name of it, but it's as you come into vegas, down past Jean. It's really nice. If you ask you'll find it. It's about 30 min. out, and attached to a hotel. There is another one closer in on the strip, but I don't like it as well.
Thanks. I went to Premium Outlets website (Cabazon one) and they show two: one on the strip and one on Grand Central Pkwy. The one on the Parkway looks like the better of the two. Is that the one you're thinking of? Supposedly 5 minutes from strip, has Michael Kors, David Yurman.
There's one right outside of Vegas in Primm! It doesn't really have a whole lot, all the standard outlet stores, but the big draw is the Neiman's Last Call.
Thanks...Last Call at San Ysidro didn't do much for me. But I guess it depends on how you hit these stores and what you're looking for. I did see some Kooba bags there.