Outlet shopping in NY! Help!

  1. Hi everyone! I'm taking a trip to New York City in March, and I'm dying to stop at an outlet mall on the way that has Saks Off 5th, NM Last Call, Nordstrom Rack, etc. I remember hearing that there's one amazing outlet mall outside the city where everyone goes for great deals and I think I've even read some posts about it! Can anyone help me? Thank you soooo much!
  2. Woodbury Commons.......about 45 minutes outside of the city has Off Sakes and NM....no Nordstom rack tho.....

    There is a Nordstom Rack in Westbury, Long Island about 45 mintues as well outside of the city but in a totally different direction!

    Good luck!
  3. There's actual a few places depending on where your staying. There is the Riverhead, Long Island outlet...which is like 80 min drive from the city. There's Jersey Gardens, Elizabeth New Jersey which is I think about 40 mins from the city. And Woodbury in Central Valley NY (above Yonkers -which to me is the best one..) that's probably like a little over an hour.

    Have fun!!
  4. Oh and there is a Off Saks and I THINK Nordstrom rack at The Source Mall in Garden City, Long Island.
  5. Wait???????? Aren't all the Saks Off 5th's closing down like really soon?:crybaby:
  6. They are? Haven't heard that yet... Do you know when?
  7. fendilover works atthe fendi outlet, i think it's in westbury, there are spy hobos for 600-800$ she told me. but for you gals that can't go to NY, unlike most outlets, they ship to you for $20.

    have fun in Ny
  8. Woodbury Commons is the way to go. They have all the high-end outlets and I never leave there without some kind of a total bargain. Last time I went, I got a pair of orange python Manolo Blahniks at the Neiman Marcus Last Call for just under $200. You can go to Chelsea Premium Outlets for directions and such, and a map of their other locations.

    ALSO - the places some of the girls are talking about in Westbury are just regular malls, not outlets. One just happens to have a Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off Fifth. If you're looking for outlet shopping, you want Woodbury Commons. If you just want high-end shopping, hit the city or the Americana in Manhasset.
  9. I just called their store and asked if this was true-they told me NO. :smile:
  10. Woodbury Commons is the best. I was there in November and lost my mind! :smile:
  11. Thanks ladies! I knew I could count on you! :smile:
  12. Woodbury Commons is the best. They also have Chanel, Lacoste and JM Originals (if you have kids) Great place to spend alot!!
  13. I Have Been To Woodbury Commons Many, Many Times. A Few Words Of Advice/tips: Get There Early, Esp. If It Is A Holiday Weekend. Get A Map Upon Arrival. My Schedule Is Typically To Work Backwards. I Head Directly To The High End Designer Shops In The Back...tod's (off To The Side) Always Has Huge Discounts On Bags, Small Leather Goods And, Of Course, Shoes. In The Same Area Are Gucci And Burberry...burberry Is Always Packed So You May Actually Want To Hit There First If It Is A Priority For You. Walk Back Towards The Entrance And Hit Barney's Although I Never Did Too Well There. My Husband Always Does Though...better Mens. Work Your Way Up To Space Which Has A Lot Of Miu Miu Recently And Some Good Prada Wallets. Armani Is Close By And, Again, Great For Menswear. After I See These Shops I Head For Saks (also Near The Restroom), Nm Last Call And Chanel. I Have Never Found A Decent Thing In Chanel But Always Stop By Just In Case. By The Way...i Hear The Tory Burch Outlet Is Opening In The Spring. Yippee! Happy Shopping!
  14. no way?! a tory burch outlet? damn. they goes all my money. i already worship the dvf, kate spade (though their deals are not as good as they used to be), ag etc stores. now tory burch. i'm in trouble.
  15. There are often Tory sample sales in NYC...