Outlet shopping in France?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a friend who is traveling soon to Cannes France. She swears there is an LV outlet there. I've never heard anyone talk on the forum about LV outlets. Can someone shed some light for me? THANKS!

  2. I don't think LV has outlets...
    Your friend is either thinking of another brand, or the "outlets" are places selling fakes/knock-offs!
  3. Thanks so much. This particular friend has a tendency to "stretch the truth" so I am sure she is covering herself when she returns with her fake LV bags. :yucky: Thanks again!

  4. :lol: no problem! I'd love to see these LVs from the "outlets" ;)
  5. Lol same here. :lol:
  6. I know there was a thread started about this not too long ago, and I think the conclusion was that there are NO LV outlets -ANYWHERE in the world....someone even went on as far as mentioning that if purses are sold after a period of time, they burn them - arh? Yea, that's what I heard - why, I think it's absurd!!!
  7. I just went to Paris last July. Hummm.. I Dont think so!!! NO way!!:shrugs:
  8. Yup, they do but not before they're given ample time to sell by being transferred from store to store, being offered to the SAs for 80% off, etc. But think of it this way..LV has never really OVERproduced anything (look at all the demand for different collections), only underproduced, so in the end the burning is the absolute last resort and rarely, if ever, happens.
  9. My sa said things WERE sent back to die. at least LV would be a nice place to die.
  10. I wonder if he said it to make me buy that last mono mat(glace?) key wallet I was pondering over?
  11. Honestly, I wouldn't doubt it lol. Even though people might be really close to their SA's, a sale is still a sale ;)
  12. lvmh do have a outlet store!!! im sure, its like a mall somwhere in france. and a store at the factory in france which you can apparently get older items from. cant remember exact details but read an article about it in a travel magazine a few years back
  13. Urban legend!!!
  14. the things that are not selled to staff with an 75% price reduction are going to be burned!!!! i only believe it now - an SA told me at the store....

    i cannot believe how you can throw a LV into a burning fire?????
  15. One would think that the people here would know about it. :smile: Maybe the most tactful thing would be to tell your friend that we are all interested in it here, and would be very grateful if she would pass along the address of the outlet, and any other relevant information. :yes: Let's see what she's got. :smile: