Outlet Shopping Grrr

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  1. Does anyone else despise going to the Coach Outlet due to the quality of people who shop there? I go to the Woodbury Commons Outlet in Monroe-Woodbury NY and the entire store is always overrun with shoppers who act like they have never seen Coach before. Throwing things around, taking things out of your hands, knocking you out of the way...It deters me from shopping there! However, the sales help in that store is superb.

    Anyone else feel similar?
  2. I can only go to the outlet when I'm mentally prepared...otherwise I get frustrated.

    People get so excited in there that it can feel like there is no room to breathe. Tons of shoppers basically climbing the shelves to grab "the" bag. It's a feeding frenzy.
  3. Welcome to my world...
  4. I go only go early morning- 2 hours tops after store opening OR the last 2 hours before closing. Both are good times. First 2 hours they have full stock. Last 2 hours they are replenishing for the next day. Both times are ideal for just browsing and not being in the "thick of it."
  5. Never had an experience like that. EVER. However, the outlets I have always visited were tucked away in areas that did not get huge amounts of traffic anyway, so the clientele tended to be more calm and collected.

    Actually, now that I think about it, the only place where I have felt like you is in the FP store! Particularly here in GR at the Rivertown Mall - UGH! The last time I was there I was annoyed by little preteen girls in the store handling merch and trying to act bougie, and the sales associates were pretty stand-offish, too. But stuff like that is why I don't like malls. I only go when I absolutely have to visit Sears, Macy's, or the Coach FP store.
  6. In general, (No Matter outlet or any other store)
    I wish people had some manners!!!! What happened to "Excuse me or Pardon me"? People seem to think they don't need to say anything as they walk right past you while you are looking at something in a store! Also, when you Hold the door and allow people to walk in ahead of you. No Thank you!!!! People have gotten rude and selfish! (IMO)

    Lynne :biggrin:
  7. Not to sound terrible, but the people who tend to be rude are from NYC or foreign countries...I wonder if it is a cultural difference?
  8. In my outlet its just the opposite. Everyone is sooo enamored with the MFF items and signature stuff that the leather bags and boutique transfers that I am interested in are usually just sitting there not even being noticed, which works for me!
  9. I try to only go to my outlet during the day on weekdays, weekends are just so insane, even if everyone were super-nice, there are way way too many people. On a weekday morning there are like 10 customers max and the SAs are standing around with not much to do, so I can look around as much as I want and then no line to check out.
  10. I only outlet shop, but I refuse to go when it is busy. I like to circle the store, pick up, put down, try on and circle again. It is easier to do when it is not busy. I go weeknights to aviod this.
    The last time I was at the outlet, I saw a lady pick up some bags and drop them in a pile on the floor, it made me cringe. I realized she was an sa cleaning up the display. I was sort of shocked to see an sa do that.
  11. Yikes, a bit of a generalization don't you think?
  12. Unfortunately I have experienced the same thing too. People get so rude.
  13. Ohh...I have a story...

    Once I was at the outlet, crazy--as usual. I was trying to reach around a woman who had her young baby. She was playing with the baby...cooing and gooing and the whole Mommy-mommy thing. Fine, right? But she was literally blocking half the FP delete area.

    So, I politely, and I do mean politely, asked her to please move...she turned to me, flashed me the nastiest look and turned to her baby (maybe a year old) and said ..."It's okay honey, we'll come back when there are nicer people here, not like that b****!"

    WHOOOOAAAA...I was so totally blown away. I was nice, I waited for a good few minutes before asking her if I could scoot by...and she was so nasty.
  14. Wooowwwwww.......was this at Aurora? People put on their game faces at that place. I love Aurora for its selection and SAs, but I have to take an extra helping of patience with me when I shop there. Too bad that lady hadn't done the same :sad:
  15. Such a shame...it might be the outlet, but its still Coach! It makes me sad to see people treat things that aren't their own so badly.