Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass

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  1. ... with Coach factory outlet opens 7/31/14 in Shelby County, on I64 just east of Louisville, KY. I am super-excited! My wallet? Not so much. ;)
  2. I'm moving to Lexington this summer and this is the best news!!! That is awesome, thank you!
  3. Just 2 months out from the grand opening! So excited!
  4. Can't say I'm generally impressed with the deletes at this outlet, especially coming from the Houston area outlets which were great, but today there were deletes galore! And a good amount of accessories too. I didn't come home with anything but I love spy pics from other outlets so thought I'd share.

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  5. Thanks! That is a pretty good selection...I love it when there are lots of deletes. The two outlets in MN have a fair amount right now and I understand they still have boxes to unbox. Fun times!