outlet shipping hike to hawaii.

  1. ezaryah: So I called the SH outlet this morning and they had seven olive Camo bella bella's left, so I just asked for the one with the most blue birds on the front and was done with it! Yay!

    Hawaii girls: The SA informed me that for the time being shipping to Hawaii will be $8.50 but will soon be higher. They're waiting to hear back from Corporate as to how much to charge to ship to Hawaii (and I'm assuming anywhere else other than the domestic US) because she said they're actually losing money shipping out here for for $8.50. I have no idea how much more it'll be but I'm just passing on the "heads up" to the Hawaii girls because she said she doesn't want us to be suprised if we order in the future.
  2. Great. Guess I won't be buying anything from there if shipping goes more than $15. Just not worth it for me. I don't see how they lose money when the freakin UPS takes ONE WEEK to get here and they could just use USPS flatrate boxes and it would get here in like 3-4 days and be CHEAPER!!
  3. Because corporation heads tend to like to do things the costly and hard way. Having had worked in retail for so long, it really does seem like they don't know how to save money the obvious way. *lol* I don't know...
  4. That's OK, they can lose my business and still live then, if they want to be a-holes and not consider HAWAII as part of the US...contiguous states only, whatevs.
  5. Oh!! yeah I called and ordered my bag from Diane today... yes!! she didn't tell me that it was going to go up in the near future though. thanks for letting me know. But if the bag is 50% off I would still buy from them as long as the shipping isn't 20+... Yay! for us we got our bags!
  6. Yeahh with 50% it would be better and I'd consider it....but with 50...not more than $20 shipping haha.
  7. yeah... if it's only 25% off then idk... i would wait!!! hahaha
  8. Does anyone know if and when they will receive adios star and pirata?