Outlet scores and first TPF reveal :))

You SHOULD get it! I see that it's on your wishlist ;) Can't go wrong with 30% and the additional 30% :graucho:

I'm just waiting for a weekend free to run to the outlet - 2-ish hour drive. Just too much going on lately. The price with the 30% discounts compared to the local Coach store were unbelievable though, agreed! I called them the other day to get a $.

I will get it.. eventually... lol.

Enjoy yours. The denim is such a headturner!
I love love love that denim Sophia! She is so beautiful! I haven't seen any at my outlets yet, so you are lucky! The Maggies are great! The black is good all the time and the wisteria is so pretty IRL. Sophias and Maggies are my favorite styles. That ring is really pretty too! Great haul! Enjoy and thanks for sharing.
Congrats! Great bags, I am starting to really like the Sophia. Is this your first Sophia or do you have others? I am trying to decide if I want to get one or not.

Love the Maggie also! I loved the Maggie from the first time I saw her but just got my first one in a beautiful mahogany color!