Outlet sales after Christmas

  1. Sorry if this is the wrong section but, is there going to be any sales after Christmas, the 26th in Cabazon outlets? Like Burberrry, Dior, Gucci, Barneys, Off 5th etc. because im going there the 26th with my family and wanted to know so i can dress accordingly (running shoes) :p. Thanks in advance!!! :tup:
  2. i just called Gucci and the lady said there will be select handbags on sale, select shoes on sale and 50% off of clothing!

    i called Burberry and they said they will have a sale after christmas the 26th!

    nothing on Dior though

  3. day after xmas is not outlet shopping day. It's dept store shopping and boutique shopping day. outlets never have any decent sales until jan feb.
  4. Oh well LOL imma be in vegas this weekend anyways, so i might stop by the forum shops and the miracle mile cus i havent been there yet. i also want to go to the fashion show mall but we'll have to see. after christmas im going gambling at casino morongo, since im only 18, so imma be right next to the outlet so why not?

  5. Me too, Vegas for after christmas, it is my first time, not sure where would be the best deals for after christmas.. department stores or outlets? but from what jesoon said, I guess I should be hitting the dept store & boutiques.

    Which is better though, dept store or boutqiues? I really want to get a dior and a burberry.
  6. its really up to you. but the forum shops are the BEST imo. :tup:
  7. Best because they have the most variety? Best because they have the most name brands in one location? Or best because they have the best sale? I really hope it is the latter or all of the above.:p
  8. I really enjoy the Forum shops because it is HUGE with a variety of shops, high end and such. i would say all the above :tup:
  9. where is miracle mile ?? i used to go to vegas regularly (sorta) but haven't been in a while

  10. miracle mile shops is BRAND NEW!!! its part of the Planet Hollywood, which took over the Aladdin. miracle mile took over desert passage :tup: opened this year! like in august, for planet hollywood, and like last month for miracle mile! im excited
  11. oh yeah they just opened a new shopping center called Town Square, this month, south of las vegas Blvd, south of Mandalay Bay :tup:
  12. I wonder what bags will be on sale! I think I'll call and try to get pictures.
  13. LOL the lady was like Just come so you can see LOL

  14. THey used to be really good at sending pictures...not anymore!

    Well, I was there last weekend and they had quite a few of the leather Gucci bags with the GG gold hardware in front. Maybe those ones will go on sale?

    They also have the black GG mono pop tote.
  15. :tup: