outlet/sabrina question

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  1. hi guys...my first time posting so be gentle! i'm a new coachie - actually spurred on by tpf and i think i'm ready to buy my first coach! i'm really interested in the sabrina/audrey/spectator-ish style & shape and i'm actually not too picky about the color. i'm not quite rolling in the dough...so, i was wondering how easy it was to find these styles @ local outlets. thanks!
  2. My outlet had a couple but they were neutrals. I think its easier to find those than the colored ones. Also, I have had pretty good luck at Dillards and they have good sales too!
  3. My outlet had some of the patent jade Sabrinas and periwinkle Audreys. They were very pretty!
  4. also check craigslist. I bought a large cherry sabrina off my craigslist for 150
  5. :welcome2: to TPF and Coach!!

    It definitely wouldn't hurt to stop by your local outlet and see if they have any, if you have an outlet close to you.
    You can also try Bonanzle, Ebay, or Craigslist.
  6. In the solid colors: small leather Sabrina is 12937, large leather Sabrina is 12949
    small op art Sabrina is 12947 and large op art Sabrina is 12943

    In the spectator colors: the large Sabrina is 13238
    There is also spectator shoulder bag and spectator Julianne tote

    you can call your local outlets and have them look it up by style number, don't get discouraged!
  7. I know I didn't ask the question but thank you for the info! I have been on the hunt for a Sabrina for the longest time, esp. the camel patent leather one!
  8. The patent leather ones with the chain are 12957 for small and 12958 for the large
    The second release patent ones without the chain are 14178 and 14179 for the large
  9. welcome to the forum! good luck with your hunt post pics when you get one!
  10. woo hoo! thank you all for the information! :biggrin:
  11. Hi and Welcome,
    Which outlet do you live near? I am in New York and when I was out the Riverhead outlet last weekend they had a couple of Sabrinas and Audrey. Audrey in Periwinkle and Sabrina in Khaki & Brown and also in Black. They were on sale 30% off plus the 20% coupon which brings it down to 222.00 not bad for the large Sabrina.
    Good Luck in your search for your handbag.
  12. Did you see the all leather black Sabrina?

  13. HI and Welcome!!!

    They do have some Sabrinas and Audreys at the outlets. Mostly just 30% then the extra coupon! Sometimes you can find one at either Macys or Nordstrom or Dillards on a great sale~~~
    Good Luck!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  14. I'd say call your outlets before you go (so you won't make the trip for nothing). If they have the bag you're looking for, you can have them hold one for you. Good luck, that satchel style is really pretty and functional! :biggrin:
  15. yes yes i think that would be the best idea...to call first. <thanks again for all the style numbers!> i live in the norcal area...so i've been eagerly spamming the threads regarding the gilroy, vacaville, petaluma, & milpitas outlets. :P i've checked out some of my local macys/nordstroms/nordstrom racks/loehmanns...but have come up with zero results. :sad: